The 'holy grail' … that wonderful magic formula or pill that will simply erase all of our worries and fears … and make the world such a happier place for us all …

Can you imagine simply taking a pill and having all of your relationship, money, work, personal and spiritual difficulties simply vanishing in an instant? Sheer bliss I tell you.

On the face of it – it obviously seems slightly ridiculous (or maybe not if you're an extreme optimist or in serious denial – take your pick) – yet I get the feeling that many of us secretly or subconsciously wish this to be true.

I used to work with a Coach and tell him all my worries and problems, waiting for him to give me the secret formula to make them all go away. And guess what he told me – "There is no magic pill/formula that's going to do that for you."

I've seen it in myself in my professional capacity too (I always knew it wasn't just me) – dealing with clients – telling them how they should address their problem(s) and almost being met with this incredulous stare implying: "Are you serious?" in other words is there no other (read easier) way.

Fact is, meaningful and lasting change takes 'work.' If we really want to change our lives for the better we've got to 'work' at it. Problem is – 'work' is such a loaded word and conjures up all sorts of negative images (like work), rather than more pleasant one's like 'play' and 'fun.'

And it's no different in dealing with Addiction – be it Alcoholism or Drug Addiction. It isn't just magically going to disappear from your life. You have to 'work' (there's that word again) at it and engage in consistent effort (sounds even worse than work) to firstly get yourself clean and sober, and then secondly, stay that way.

Yet that's why most addicts and alcoholics (actually most people for that matter) fall short when trying to initiate change in their lives. Things are simply too comfortable the way they are.

Unless you hit rock bottom (which means you can only go one way and that's up) or find a reason that really drives you to do what you need to do to get where you want to get, inevitably nothing much is going to change.

It's not the knowing what to do, it's the doing what you know you need to do, that's the problem.

Let's face it – we generally know what we need to do to improve our relationships, finances, health etc. so why is it that so many of us still tend to fall short?

The Secret or Magic Formula (I know I said there was no such thing) lies in taking ACTION. Such a cliché I know, but I've learned more and more (through experience) that it's actually so true.

It holds true in all areas of life – and ultimately is probably the biggest reason that separates those that go onto bigger and better things – and those that don't.

And it holds especially true for dealing with and overcoming addictions. Granted, you may not yet have all the knowledge and information you need to take EFFECTIVE action (as far as alcoholism or drug addiction goes) – and that's why I wrote a book on alcoholism and drug addiction to help you.

It's all at

Now the question is – are you going to take ACTION so that you can begin to effect positive change and move onward and upwards or are you simply going to continue to sit around and wait for that magic pill – the CHOICE is yours.

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