I was at a Toastmasters session. (It’s an event where people practise giving speeches) And a friend was giving his first speech. The first speech is always to do an introduction about yourself.

He started off by stating that we must all have a vision. For him, he had a vision at the age of 15. His vision was that he wanted to be a businessman. And he always held that vision in his mind. Immediately after he finished his military service at the age of 21, he registered his first business. He achieved some success; made some money. Then he had an even greater vision. He wanted to start a public listed company from scratch!

Then a personal tragedy befell. He went into depression. His whole world crumbled to pieces before him. He gave up his business and got a job in a company. However, being the strong person he is, he managed to get out of his depression. He said that if something is your “calling”, it will come back to you. He felt that having a business was his earthly “calling”, so he quit his job and started another business.

With this business, he made his first million by the age of 27. It was also at this time that he remembered his old vision of starting a public listed company. So he put everything he had into a new business. However, a terrible financial crisis in the Asia region came and he lost everything he had. It was also soon after this that he got married.

Now, he owns one of the largest film production companies in the country.

What he did not mention specifically but was evident in everything he said, was the fact that he took ACTION.

Many of us want to achieve something whether it is something great or small. It could be for our families or for ourselves. But until you take action, nothing will happen. Things will continue to be the way it is, until you take some action.

Don’t wait any more. How long have you waited? How long have you not taken any action? How long do you want to continue delaying taking action?

Do anything… just take some action now!

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