What Kind of People? by Michael Levy.

What kind of people would give scientists $333,000,000 to spend on sending one rocket into deep space, so that it can smash into a comet 82,000,000 miles away, while 30,000 people a day die in Africa from poverty?
Is it more important to derive small pieces of information on earths creation/evolution from the comet's explosion rather than help the 44 million people without medical insurance in the USA?

Maybe there would be far fewer deaths from poverty, illness and malnutrition if human beings could relocate that simple natural package of awareness they embraced when mortals took their first steps on earth. Instead of probing inside a comet, perhaps scientists and politicians should probe into their own minds and find compassion and caring for all the people living on planet earth.

Before the launch of the next rocket to outer space by ‘brilliant' scientists, to blow up another comet, maybe the kind people of the USA will stand up and be counted to voice their opinion... Help the poor people of earth before helping science run amok with tax payers money.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Levy is the author six books. His new book is titled: The Joys of Live Alchemy. His web site is ranked number one out of 6,000,000 when Inspirational books are the search words on Google.