I have met many different coaches - life coaches, career coaches, business coaches and many others, who think that the only way to make money with coaching is by providing one-on-one coaching services to their clients.

This is not true - there are many different ways to make money with your coaching services. Here is how:

- One-on-One Coaching Services. This is definitely the most popular way for coaches to make money with their coaching practice. Offering one-on-one services is usually the very first money-making thing that a coach does, and coaches continue doing this for a long time.

Offering one-on-one services will definitely brings in more revenue for your coaching business.

- Group Coaching is another great way to make money with your coaching business. When you do group coaching, both you and your group members get a ton of benefits. You get to work with many people in your target market, share your brilliance you're your ideas.

They get to get your coaching at prices that are much lower than your one-on-one fees. This way everyone wins!

- Teleseminars. Teleseminars are classes that you can teach over the phone. Are there topics that your target market is interested in? Create a teleseminar on one of these topics and invite your target market to join you on these calls.

Teleseminars allow you to help many people at the same time and offer your target market access to your knowledge and expertise at a much lower fee.

- Home Study Guides. Package your knowledge and information into different media - audio, video, text documents, etc. Use these different documents to create Home Study Guides - packages that contain information in many different formats.

- Ebooks. Share your information through a text document - write and put together an ebook. Selling an ebook is another great way to add additional income streams to your coaching business.

I have just outlined four additional ways to start adding income streams to your coaching business. Pick one and start using it immediately to increase your revenues!

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