Life Fitness Launches Seamless Technology Solution

Enabling fitness and leisure club operators, club staff, members and guests to easily manage all aspects of the workout process, improve customer and instructor interactions and provide greater business intelligence, VIVO from Life Fitness, is both unique and superior to any other connectivity system on the market.

“VIVO connects the Life Fitness equipment, the staff member, the user, the prospect, and every class via an integrated information network,” declares Claire Kendrick, Life Fitness VIVO Director.

The VIVO system integrates world class Life Fitness cardiovascular and strength equipment with innovative new software, wireless systems and communication tools. The result is a seamless technology solution which puts facility managers in control of key competitive touch points – enrolment, retention, programming, staffing and operations.

The PDA-based functionality and wireless connectivity of VIVO enables staff, trainers, coaches, and instructors to add, edit or review the content of a workout programme with a user anywhere in the facility. “VIVO quite literally puts hundreds of customers in the palm of the gym instructor’s hand” says Claire. “By providing triggers to their handheld PDA’s, instructors are notified that a member needing attention has arrived at the gym. This ensures that the right member gets the right attention at the right time. The PDA also allows the instructor to see the member’s programme history and data, and make changes to their programme then and there if necessary.”

To get the most from their gym visits, members and guests are given a Life Fitness VIVO PIN number which they tap into the screen on the Life Fitness equipment console. A customised workout, based on the specific profile of the user’s programme, is then wirelessly downloaded to the equipment. VIVO’s ‘Virtual Coaching System’ on each piece of resistance equipment displays the user’s workout schedule, real-time reps and weight lifted statistics, plus on-screen guidance regarding appropriate range and speed of motion. If required, a video training clip can be viewed and, upon completion, workout results are displayed so the exerciser can review their progress.

The VIVO self-service kiosk located within the gym lets users access information or make updates to their programmes. Whether increasing a parameter on a particular machine, choosing an entirely new workout template, rescheduling a class, or sending/receiving a message, the kiosk provides a simple and engaging method for the user to manage his/her fitness experience.

And it does not stop there…VIVO goes where the members and guests go. Claire explains: “Internet access is possible without any plug-in software, transforming the concept of convenience and extending opportunities for operators to build relationships with customers. Members and users can log on to their personal VIVO web page at home or in the office to review workout schedules, view progress against workout targets, and make changes to their programme.”

The evidence based tracking function of VIVO is particularly useful in terms of social inclusion. Target customers can be monitored to establish their usage patterns based on a pre-determined exercise schedule. In this way, members and users, as well as their instructors and trainers, can easily see if they are achieving the government’s target of five x 30min exercise sessions per week. Of course this target can be reached by combining a gym session with a dance class, a game of badminton and walking the dog – the key is that VIVO will record all physical activities, whether gym-based or not. This type of information is also incredibly useful for GP Referral schemes. Sarah Plant, VIVO Account Manager, explains: “By using a secure password and username the doctor will have the ability to confidentially pull up any of his patient’s data, subject to patient approval, so that he or she can track their progress and ensure that their exercise programme is having the desired affect on their health and wellbeing.”

The benefits of VIVO to members and guests are plentiful, but there are also numerous applications for managers and staff. VIVO’s CRM functions allow operators to message members and provide data on member behaviour, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and so on. The system’s production of pertinent data and clear performance measurements enables operators to run their business efficiently and plan strategically. Detailed equipment utilisation reports, data on fitness programme popularity, links to the Life Fitness Service team and the knowledge needed to proactively control staffing are all available at the touch of a button, guaranteeing operational effectiveness. In addition, VIVO integrates seamlessly with existing front desk or reporting systems that the operator may already have.

Chris O’ Connor, General Manager of Life Fitness UK, concludes: “VIVO allows operators to stay in touch with members, users and prospects, their staff and their business - it will increase member acquisition and retention, enrich the member experience, enhance operational effectiveness and improve the quality of data production.”

Claire sums up: “VIVO brings together the diverse member and operational data that is vital to a business in a single, accessible application and then generates the useful intelligence a manager can use to increase current profits and proactively prepare for the future.”

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