The other day an acquaintance remarked how great my life was now that I had published my book THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love and "made it." I could tell by the fame-drunk look in her brown eyes that she saw me as a weekly guest on Oprah, and as signing "made-for-t.v." movie deals about my life. I didn't tell her about the night I gave a presentation to a group of just 7 people. Or that I am still learning how to move my message into the world and sometimes feel like a bewildered cricket at a rock concert. She had decided I was "there." We have two measurements in our society. "There" and "not there." Still, I keep finding myself in process.

Is there a place in your life where you feel like you are in-between times? Or where you feel like things aren't yet clear, resolved, or obviously on track?

Let's stop apologizing for being somewhere new in our lives. Let's applaud our confusion and hesitancy. If you're in the muck, you're in process, which means you're moving, shaking things up, redefining yourself and plumbing new territories. You feel small because you are expanding. You are growing beyond your past accomplishments, identity, and limits. Uncertain ground is holy ground. Only the brave and blossoming will dare the place of firsts, tend to hints and instincts, walk and dance the unclear path.

The other night I was journaling--basically challenging Universal Timing and quibbling about feeling like a beginner again. Then my wise voice spoke up. It said: "Do not be afraid to learn. You're in the classroom. Of course you will graduate. Process leads to progress. Do not resist your growing time." Okay. What if I knew I would realize my ultimate dreams? Would I see the in-between time as a passionate tutor instead of a big bully smacking me against a brick wall and calling me names? Of course I would. And I might even dare to flounder with innocence.

Suddenly, I had the feeling of being groomed, rather than doomed.

And I appreciated process.

If you're in process, I hope you will honor this sacred passage in your life. Sure, you feel nervous or frightened and even powerless at times. You are learning. You have left behind familiarity and easy competency. And now you brave immensity, the immensity of new, dynamic life. Congratulations.

We are little plants in bigger pots, growing into the expression we came to live.

It's good to feel small. It actually means we're moving past our smallness.

Blessings on your journey.

Copyright 2007 Tama J. Kieves, All rights reserved.

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