I don't care what your circumstances look like
today. I want to ask can you imgaine yourself
living your dreams? I must tell that if you
cannot see it you will never live it.

If your goal is to lose weight you must see
yourself as the personyou wish to become.
If your mission is to build a business to
become financially free you have to see
yourself out of debit.

Today your whole world may be turned upside
down and you don’t know which way to turn.
You may have no idea of how you are going to
get through this test.

If you are not attentive at this point you
can begin to feel like you can’t handle
this storm. Then you can start to think
you may not have what it takes to
overcome the hardship.

Which can cause you to start to think why
should I even try my situation is not going
to change.

Now your temporary challenging situation
will began to outweigh the promising
vision of your imagination.

I can remember the vision I had several
years ago of building a new home for my
family. I had a vivid image of the building
process from start to finish. In my mind I
could see my family sitting in the living
area watching movies and enjoying our
new home.

I visualized us in the backyard enjoying
a Saturday afternoon barbeque. I could
clearly see myself cooking dinner after
church on Sundays.

But how many of you know that you can
imagine yourself in a heavenly vision
only to wake up in a hellish situation?

I do, because as I was mentally enjoying
the promising vision of my imagination a
small voice said wake up fool. Look at
your situation, your wife has left you,
you were evicted out of your apartment
and you are living with your mother and

You are an ex-crack cocaine addict, you
are unemployed and your car has been

Not to mention you are over forty years
old no one is going to hire you at your
age. Your credit is tore up from the
floor up and you are dead broke.

I must admit that my situation looked
discouraging to say the least. And
most it certainly gave the feeling of
being overwhelming which can lead to
depression if you merely focus on
the situation.

If I would have looked at my condition
solely I would have been paralyzed and
remained in the depths of the hell
created by my negative thoughts.

But I thank God for the vision that
was planted in my heart and I knew that
my situation was a temporary one. Some
how I knew if I kept believing and moving
eventually I would reach my goal.

I am not saying that you should entirely
ignore your circumstances. Because you
cannot succeed by burying your head in
the sand and hoping your adversity will
simply go away.

You must analysis your state of affairs
to determine what went right, what went
wrong and what role did you play in
creating these circumstances.

Then you can make the proper adjustments
and use your imagination to move towards
your vision.

Looking at other people’s situations
can also hinder you from following
your vision. If you are not careful you
can become discouraged when everyone
around you are succeeding and prospering
while you are not.

Instead of becoming discouraged you should
become inspired. Because if they can
succeed and prosper so can you if you
continue to imagine yourself doing so
and take action.

Here is another important thing to know,
you can’t tell everybody about your vision.
There will be some people who can’t see
what you see on the inside (your vision).
They will only notice and talk about what
they see on the outside (the situation).

Do not be discouraged by these folks.
Simply find progressive, forward thinking
people to fellowship with.

As a footnote I did build that new home
for my family I mentioned earlier and
today I writing you from a million dollar
gated community.

My wife and I recently celebrated our
sixth wedding anniversary with dinner
in Dubai at the world’s only 7 star hotel.

Live by imagination not by situation.


Author's Bio: 

Johnny is an award winning speaker and author. As a proud member of the Les Brown Speaker’s Network and the John Di Lemme Millionaire Lifestyle Club he is committed to working with people who struggle with addiction, destructive behavior or any other form of bondage that is holding them captive. www.justastepaway.com