Did you ever just know something and not know how you knew it? Did you ever get that strange feeling that had nothing to do with recalled hamburger meat?

Did you ever get a”mental memo” without benefit of email, blackberry or an actual phone call?

Did you just ignore the message only to discover that somehow the communiqué was correct?

Did you ever get offered a job and just know that it could wind up as one of the worse mistake in your life and did you just go, “I can start on Monday?”

I did. I did! The scars are healing nicely, but I did not listen to that sweet inner voice that kept saying, “Walk out of the room, do not turn around, and just keep moving. Run for your life!!!”

Did you ever get that sickening feeling that you shouldn’t marry that person? And did you wake up and know with great clarity that it was not going to happen, not while you still had life in you?

I did. I did! I paid attention when all indicators said something different. I trusted my inner voice.

So…have no fears. We are all hearing voices!

Say hello to your intuition, inner voice, a little movie running in your head, gut feeling, hunch, Bob, “you just know” feeling. Some say it is the higher powers having a personal conversation with you.

If you’re willing to be open-minded and really learn to pay attention then that inner chatter and those physical sensations will help guide you for the rest of your life

Call it what you may, your intuitive side is here to help you navigate through the big mess we call our lives. Think of it as your best friend. It will never lie to you and the real cool part is that you both share the same birthday. We start off life with our intuition just waiting in the wings ready to help.

How many people rely on their intuition? Not many. If we did, I think our lives would be filled with more happiness, passion, peace and contentment because we would be living an authentic life. Your BFF (best friend forever – I’m hipper than Paris Hilton…ever will be. Do we still say “hipper?”) wants to see you rise above someone else’s expectations or what society tries to dictate to you. Take a listen to what your inner voice is saying about what you want to be doing with your life.

Some simple exercise to help you tap into your intuitive side.

1) When you have to make a decision (make it a small or medium one to start) do you get a happy, peaceful feeling or do you feel the room getting smaller and your body is starting to tremble? Well, if you are not in the middle of the flu season, it could be a very strong indicator that what you might be undertaking is or is not in your best interest.

2) Try writing down what you need an answer on. Ask your intuition questions like: “What is the best path to take” or “Am I really excited about making this move or taking the job offer or staying in this relationship?” Then find a quiet place and wait for answers to come. Write down what you hear and see what rings true for you. In some cases, you will receive a visual answer like a big “X” over the house you want to buy. Store the impressions and feelings with all the other tools you use to make a decision and see what happens.

3) Before you go off to sleep, ask your intuition a question. When you wake up, write down the first thoughts that come to you. Does it work and make sense or does it feel like your mind was taken over by aliens? Sometimes the responses we get become clearer with time. Put the initiative hunch aside but try not to abandon it. It could contain some important information.

4) Still not sure? When the phone rings, try to see if you can guess who is on the other end of the line. Like most things in life, it does take practice. Start off having fun and work your way up to the BIG questions.

5) Still not sure at all? What causes you to like or dislike someone the minute you meet them? Besides knowing them in a previous life, could it be your intuition telling you to move forward or flee?

6) Think intuition won’t work at all in your life? Well, Albert Einstein said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” I am so glad I discovered this quote because it’s the first thing he said that I understand.

E = mc2. Whatever.

Ralph Waldo Emerson remarked that, “Some people only see what they are prepared to see.” Try breaking out and see what else is out there to help you live your best life.
And in closing, Oprah said, “Trust your gut. It is never wrong.” Too bad she never amounted to anything, eh?

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