Every logo has a story to tell and depicts the vision or mission of company, organization, product, service or nation. It is important to choose the logo wisely because this symbol exemplifies the name and brand of your organization. Some popular logos that are identified solely by their symbols are McDonalds big “M”, the Nike - “Swoosh”, the Reebok - “Gazelle”, the Lacoste - “Crocodile”, the Google and the Coca–Cola script. The font, color, shape and design of the logo are important elements used to communicate the image of the company and maintain a unique identity.

The logo helps distinguish the product or service among a clutter of products or services. Therefore a logo establishes an identifying bond or brand connect between the consumer and the manufacturer. The logo design team incorporates a lot of thought in developing an appropriate logo for any enterprise before displaying it to the general public because a logo is seldom changed. A logo change is usually accompanied by a massive media campaign to inform all and sundry of the change. This is important to ensure your customers identify the same product albeit with a name or logo change. A change in logo is a sign of renewing the product or service experience for existing and new customers.

Logo design is considered an important aspect in graphic designing and is an art in itself. Logo designing firms specialize in this art and several meetings with the company help the logo design team develop an appropriate logo which embodies the spirit of the organization. It is important for any organization to ensure the logo is well liked by employees, customers and clients. Logo designing firms provide a wide variety design options such as vector designs or 3D designs that help you choose the best possible logo for your enterprise.

To ensure your logo stands the test of time you need to ensure:

• The logo is unique in its representation
• The logo must be consistent in shape, size, color and design across a variety of media
• The logo must be easily recognizable even among a thousand other logos
• The logo must reflect the mission or vision of the organization
• The logo has a consistent placement in letterheads or media campaigns.

Brand building and corporate identity exercises involve a lot of emphasis on the logo of the company and the products and/or services offered by the firm. A logo therefore assumes equal importance to the brand name you choose and it is important to choose your identification symbol wisely.

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