What the logo desgin industry offers today is extremely generous and diverse both in stylistics and in the prices. The environment allows, facilitates and sustains the continual diversification of the market, both due to the dynamics of the appearance of new companies and to the dynamics of the graphic and stylistic tendencies.

The prices of the logo design services vary in a surprising way from bottom range prices [20USD] to top range prices: thousands and tens of thousands of USD. "Why this difference in price?" - this is the question that cannot and must not be eluded. In order to find as objective as possible an answer, we must discuss the aspects that preceed answering this questions:

1. What does the expression "logo design" mean?

The word "logo" comes frm the Greek "logotipos", which means the graphic element, the symbol that is associated with a"logotype"; be it a text or just initials. The word "design" designates the process of creating the logo.

2. What are the characteristics of a good logo?

a. A good logo is original.
b. A good logo is simple.
c. A good logo is descriptive.
d. A good logo is the guarantee for a major visual impact.
e. A good logo is be easily recognized.
f. A good logo incorporates and suggests certain values.
g. A good logo sustains a brand.
h. A good logo sells.

These are a few characteristics of the numerous possible characteristics.

3. What kind of knowledge is neccessary to create a logo?

a. design knowledge
b. marketing knowledge
c. sociopsychology knowledge

These are only a few of the possible types of knowledge.

Once we have answers to the three most important questions regarding logo design, we can state that we have been revealed the structure and the characteristics of a good logo. Thus we can conclude that the process of logo design implies a large area of knowledge and that in order to be considered "good", the product must fulfil certain conditions.

Coming back to the question started with, "Why this difference in price?", we can now give an answer: because the above-mentioned process of logo design is not equally known and assimilated by the logo design providers.

There are many logo design companies on the market whose interest in logo design is strictly reduced to offering a graphic symbol. Thus it all comes to a "partial visualization", one that does not fully fulfil the function of a logo and does not visualize a whole: a company, an association or any other institution. A logo is one of the defining elements of a brand so it is not allowed not to fulfil the role that it is given.

Author's Bio: 

Sebestyen Zoltan, also known as Respiro, is a Romanian web designer. Between 2004-2007 he worked as freelancer and in February 2007 he started his own web design company, called Respiro Media.