You have reached your goal weight, you are finally happy with the way you look in your clothes, so what is the next step? Actually, the next step is to continue the steps that got you this far. Long term weight loss success is continuing to work for what you want. If you want to stay looking the way you do today, keep doing what you did yesterday.

If you have already lost the weight you wanted you know what works for you. So the trial and error part of your dieting is over. If you know that you can have a less than healthy snack 3 times a week and still lose the weight, then you can continue doing this. Although, as you age you might want to cut that down a bit. Age does play a major role in weight loss as does other health conditions.

More than likely you are going to hit a plateau in your weight loss or at least a pause. When and if you meet this hurdle, it is important that you overcome it. To do this you merely have to make a few short term modifications. One could be increasing the level of physical activity you are doing.

If you find you no longer get sweaty after your workouts, you can increase the intensity. Your body can become used to the routine you are currently doing and it will need something new to stimulate it.

You can also change the times you are exercising. For example, if you normally workout early in the morning before you eat, you can eat and then go for your morning run. Doing small minor adjustments like this have proven to be beneficial for many individuals.

Don't deprive yourself of something. Although it is best for you to avoid unhealthy foods, if you really have a craving for french fries, have a small amount of them. Try to make it a little healthier by either making them yourself with a healthier oil or even eliminate the salt on them. Just be sure that you do not over do it. You still have to maintain control over your eating.

Being constant even after you have achieved your goal weight is important for you to maintain that weight. Otherwise, if you start eating whatever you want, as much as you want and as often as you want without exercising you might be throwing all of your hard work out the window. Long term weight loss success comes from the heart, the soul and the mind. If you really want it, you need to keep at it.

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