I’ve lost 70 pounds and every one asks: “How did you do it?” Well, it was amazingly easy and a lot of fun. I finally discovered a few secrets to losing weight after a lifetime of loosing, gaining and losing.

One surprising piece is the discovery of Power-Pops, an all-natural lollypop that contains hoodia for suppressing appetite. (www.power-pops.com/slimtastic )The first time I tried one I looked at the tiny frozen lasagna diet meal and thought that’s too much food! I actually cut it in half. A year later they are still effectively helping me not feel deprived.

Another life lesson was changing my view of my self. For years I thought, I am a fat person. I love to eat. What kind of a life would it be with out chocolate? Why would I want to live with out cake or fries or … you get the idea.

I discovered the power of getting a new perspective. I had the opportunity to work with several elderly women. I quickly realized that chocolate was nothing compared to having the use of my legs, my bladder or my mind. Food became more of a necessity and less of an indulgence. Oh sure I still have a treat once in a while (ice cream is a pleasure I indulge in) but I’ve learned that I do not really miss the food treats. Instead I give myself other indulgences like a manicure or a good book.

And the pounds slip away!

Likewise exercise became important not only for loosing weight but also to control my diabetes and hypertension. Every day I do some kind of movement for a half hour. Exploring my neighborhood, swimming and dancing are my choices. My grandson loves when we dance and bounce along to his favorite tunes. I’m loving it while it lasts cause too soon he’ll be embarrassed

Author's Bio: 

Keri K. Silk is the President and Founder of the International Association of Weight Loss Coaches. She has lost 80 pounds and is still loosing weight. Keri created SLIMTASTIC to help individuals find support and resources so that they can find success in loosing weight. Keri is an author, workshop facilitator and life coach.