If there is one thing that can make everybody really happy, it is love. Love can mean different things to different people, but what really people want is to love someone and to be loved by someone. Everybody needs someone special in their live, but statistics show that there are lots of lonely people.

Fortunately people are learning now about the Law of Attraction and how to attract a loving soul mate. If we want to attract someone special, the most important thing is to become attractive. I don't mean physically attractive. I mean attractive inside, to be a person with good character and personality. When we think or visualize our perfect soul mate, is it only important to us how this person looks? Of course not. We want more. We don't just think about the person's body.

There are different ways how to become attractive and attract loving relationships. One of the best methods is love affirmations. Humans are creatures of habit, so by repeating affirmations often with feeling and emotions, we will get into a habit of thinking about love.

According to the law of attraction "likes attracts likes". When there is love in your mind you will attract love. Even before you attract your soul mate, just by using love affirmations you will feel better, because the attitude of love in your mind will replace negative, unwanted feelings.

Below are some examples of love affirmations you can use. First you should start with affirmation recommended by Louise Hay, a healer, minister, and author of "Heal Your Body" and many other life-transforming books. The affirmation is "I love and approve of myself". If you don't love and approve of yourself, it will be very difficult to find someone who will really love you.

Some other affirmations I like are:

"I am emanating love to everybody I meet"

"I feel loved and appreciated"

"I'm attracting wonderful and loving people"

"I give and receive love easily"

These are just some examples of love affirmations. You can create your own love affirmations.

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