Every week, I have a patient who comes in with excruciating lower back pain. At least one patient per week. They usually come in as a last resort, having found me on their insurance plan website. They have tried many drugs, painkillers and anti-inflammatories, and now their doctor has only one option for them—surgery!
They come to me, hoping beyond hope, that acupuncture will in some way perform the miracle that drugs could not. They can hardly lie on the massage table because they are in such pain. Their pain is an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. Pretty bad.
As we get started with the acupuncture treatment, I explain to them that in China, acupuncture is the last form of medicine after diet, nutritional changes, supplements, Chinese herbs and lifestyle management, have been addressed. I explain that the acupuncture will work twice as fast when combined with a weight loss plan, exercise plan, a more conscious diet, nutritional supplements, a well-chosen Chinese herbal supplement and the right homeopathic remedy. But the vast majority of people just give me a funny look, and opt for acupuncture only.
I have one more thing to recommend to them—my personal favorite way to get over lower back pain. For anyone with lower back pain—and also sciatica, neck, shoulder, or mid-back pain—the Back Revolution Traction Device is the best investment you can make for yourself and your family.
I always treat lower back or neck pain with acupuncture and Chinese herbs first, as well as with homeopathy and nutritional supplements. But if you also add to all that the use of the Back Revolution Traction Device, your success will increase dramatically. This traction device immediately takes the stress and tension off bulging disks and compacted nerves.
Another secondary benefit is similar to the headstand in yoga. By turning upside down for a few minutes daily, you increase the blood flow to organs and strengthen them.  You also stretch and lengthen the tendons and ligaments that they attach to, keeping all the connective tissues strong and supple.
During an acute painful episode of back or neck pain, use of the traction device for just three minutes, three times per day, will make your recuperation time much shorter.
And when you are feeling okay, I suggest that you still hang upside down for three to five minutes once or twice per day to aid your overall health, and much like the yoga headstand, to create more distance between your vertebrae. This decompression of the vertebrae helps insure that you will live without back pain in the future.
This device is the best on the market, and it will last and last. You can also fold it up and put it in the closet.
You may also be able to get your physician to give you a prescription to get it covered by your insurance plan.
Here is the link:
The Back Revolution Traction Device
If you use this device when you are in acute pain, your pain will be reduced significantly. If you use this device for prevention, you will experience many less episodes of pain in the future.
In addition, I recommend the following, for back pain:
*Relaxed Wanderer Herbal Formula - This formula works on the liver and helps with circulation, and reduces the anxiety or depression that often accompanies acute and chronic pain
*Kidney Yin Booster Pills - This formula helps to strengthen the lower back, legs, knees and ankles.  Another side benefit is helping vision, strengthening hair, and giving energy.
*Some people also need a Kidney Yang Booster Pill – You can test to see which you need, either Yin or Yang, on my website.  Here is the free test link:
*For lower back pain with sciatica, you may also use Colocynth 12C or 30C homeopathic and Magnesium Phosphoricum homeopathic 6C—these act as natural muscle relaxers.   But you must follow your homeopathic rules – don’t touch the pills, just tap them into the cap and under the tongue, and nothing in the mouth for 10 minutes before or after you suck on the little white homeopathic pills and you have waited for them to dissolve.
*Finally, anyone who experiences any type of pain should also take extra Magnesium. But be careful what type of Magnesium you use. Some will cause digestive upset. I have found one that I consider the best.   Just email or ask for more information.
One does not have to live with chronic pain.  There are solutions.   But being open to the solutions will allow you to get better faster.  Acupuncture alone, is only one tool.  Used alone, it is not nearly as effective as using it in combination with the Back Revolution, Chinese herbs, exercise, yoga and stretching, and the right supplements, and natural muscle relaxers.
Doc Randy  

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Author's Bio: 

Randy W. Martin, O.M.D., L.Ac., Ph.D., is a graduate of the California Acupuncture College and SAMRA University of Oriental Sciences. He also has extensive post-graduate training in nutritional counseling, herbal and homeopathic medicine. Dr. Martin uses a wholistic approach to health, analyzing and diagnosing problems from a broad perspective. His specialty is the treatment of women's health problems using classical homeopathy. His book "Optimal Health" is quickly becoming a standard text for the holistic health industry.

You may have seen Dr. Martin featured in the Channel 9 TV news segment, "Homeopathy for Allergy" this past March or heard him on Michael Jackson's radio show on KABC, in addition to numerous other media appearances. He has been in private practice in Encino, Valencia and Santa Monica, CA since 1983.

He is the founder and president of Optimal Energy, Inc., which has provided holistic health care since 1983 to children, women and men in need of an honest, straightforward, partnership with their doctor.

A frequently sought after lecturer, Dr. Martin was invited by Downey Hospital to speak about Oriental Medicine and homeopathy to medical doctors for their continuing education credits. He has also provided interviews about Oriental medicine and homeopathy to T.V. news stations, newspapers and college audiences.

Dr. Martin is a faculty member at Touch for Health, Barron University, Pierce College Community Services, among others.

He is a consultant to insurance companies, a Qualifed Medical Evaluator (QME) for California Worker's Compensation system, and an expert witness. He is also well versed in such spiritual traditions as Kaballah, energy medicine, and the mystical traditions of Buddism and Taoism, and is a teacher of meditation and emotional release work.

He can be contacted through his website at: drrandymartin.com