A novel approach to eliminating life limiting behaviors and emotions, or enhancing performance in five minutes or less

“Dynamically Anchored Self Hypnosis™” (DASH™) is a simple to learn and use, yet powerful technique for creating personal change developed by Hypnotherapist John Lundholm. It can be used to eliminate or reduce problem behaviors or emotions, or to enhance performance. DASH™ is so simple it might easily be dismissed as a gimmick, yet it has a sound theoretical basis, and has a proven track record in clinical practice.

DASH™ is done in a fully awake state, and involves a series of prescribed actions. Although it is not what most people think of as hypnosis, it conforms to the definition of hypnosis by the US Department of Education Human Services Division: "The bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind, followed by the establishment of selective acceptable thoughts." It works by joining the power of your will to the power of your unconscious mind.

DASH™ is usually given as a take home assignment to reinforce progress made in an individual session of hypnotherapy, but in many cases it is effective as a “stand alone” technique for bringing about positive change.

HOW TO DASH™. (Basic format)

PRE-DASH™. State your intent. What do you want to accomplish? State it positively (not what you don't want or want to stop, but what you want instead), specifically (in what situations? with whom? when?) and in present tense. Example : “ I am a confident public speaker.” WRITE IT OUT.

Establish affirmations (statements of beliefs, attitudes or behavior patterns, or the goal itself) that support the achievement of your objective. For each intent or goal there are a number of appropriate affirmations; DASH™ at least three.

Affirmations are best stated as a choice and in the present tense. For example, "I choose to be calm and confident in front of an audience", “I choose to speak with clarity and enthusiasm.”

Step One.
Gather four coins, two each of coins of different denominations (pennies and nickels in this example). Place these in front of you, one each on the right and one each on the left, where you can comfortably pick them up and put them down.

Step two

Focus on your right hand and state, either aloud or under your breath:
“I choose to pick up this penny.”
· “I choose to pick up this nickel.”
· “I choose to (your affirmation).”
· “I choose to pick up this penny and this nickel.”

Repeat this sequence with your left hand, then pick up the coins, one each, in each hand.

Focusing on your right hand, state the following:

· “I chose to pick up and now I’m holding this penny.”
· “I chose to pick up and now I’m holding this nickel.”
· “I chose to and now I (your affirmation).”
· “I chose to pick up and now I’m holding this penny and this nickel.”

Repeat for the left hand.

Focus on the right and state the following:

· “I choose to put down this penny.”
· “I choose to put down nickel.”
· “I choose to release all obstacles to (your affirmation).”
· “I choose to put down this penny and this nickel.”

Repeat for the left hand.

Step three.

Immediately at the end of the sequence put down the four coins. That’s it. The whole procedure should take less then five minutes.

Repeat the process with each affirmation. You may DASH™ on several affirmations related to the same issue at a single sitting, but only DASH™ one issue or problem area at a time. DASH™ at least twice a day, morning and at night for one week. Expect results.

As with any technique, I can’t say this with work for you, for every issue, but it takes less than five minutes to know for sure.

This article presents a simplified version of DASH™. A more complete version, including theoretical bases, variations and an example using smoking cessation is available by visiting WWW.brainpower.8k.com

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Author's Bio: 

John earned his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and was trained in Hypnotherapy in 1984. He was licensed as a Psychotherapist (California MFCC) in 1985. He received additional training from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy for certification by the American Board of Hypnotherapists. John is also a Registered Nurse in critical care. As such, he has a special interest in hypnosis for health concerns. He is available for private consultation.