One of the biggest issues a spurned lover faces is being cut off from their ex without an explanation. It's a little hard for most to take yet, the reaction is critical to their overall chances of winning back their ex.

The magic of making up is a great feeling yet many simply don't experience it and the truth is, they usually have themselves to blame. Why? Because of the way they react when they initially get their marching orders.

How To Get Your Ex To Return Phone Your Calls

One thing you never want to do if you're on the receiving end is to hound your ex with phone calls. Just think about it, would you respect or want someone back who is acting desperate, wimpy and needy?

That's exactly how a person comes across when they behave this way. Many don't see it at the time and that's understandable because their judgment is clouded by emotion but as difficult as it is, it's one impulse you must control.

Having said that, there is a way to get your ex to return your phone call but it's got it's limitations and can backfire without being properly executed. It's one of the classic magic of making up techniques which when done right, can almost cast a temporary spell over one's ex.

Before we look at what to say to get your ex to return your phone call let's look at what not to say. Again, cut the pleading tactic, it doesn't work and is ugly and unattractive such as "Jenny please call me...I'm going out of my mind. I think I might do something drastic if you don't call."

Then there is the emergency call such as "Jenny, something's happened. You need to call me." Uggh! Would you call back. Not likely. It sounds insincere.

Now let's take a look at what to say. One of the keys to the magic of making up is the technique of creating curiosity and self interest. How do you do this? Here's an example of a message you could leave..."Hi Jenny. Just calling to say thank you for what you did for me. I really appreciate it. Call me because I'd like to thank you in person.

You've just created the curiosity and self interest factor. Curiosity as in Jenny will be wondering what she did and self interest because the message has a positive feel. See how powerful this can be.

But...and this is a big issue, unless you have a strategy and a plan worked out before you make the call then don't bother because if Jenny returns your call and all you can say is "Hey, I was only joking, just wanted to see if you would call back" then you will most likely drive them away for good.

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