Remember when friends use to write letter and send them to you in the mail? well technology has come full circle and now you can share with your friends in cool way like we use to do for less money and quicker timing.

In today’s hurried world staying in touch with people has never been easier, yet we often forget the simple touches of yester-year that can make a big difference in freindships. Since I am a techie preacher family man I enjoy using tools that make a difference and are affordable.

When I first entered the ministry back in the late 80"s it was kind of an expecting thing to write people notes or cards and drop them a line in the mail to share your feelings and stay in touch. Then came along e-mail! Over the course of time I stopped sending cards in the mail because of the hassle to go find the cards, write them out and stamps, post office, etc. Pretty sad huh? I agree it is sad, but it is a reality. The people who adapted into the e-mail communication revolution dropped the letter writing art off and replaced communications with a e-mail or phone calls.
A year ago I came across this company that truly found a niche in the snail mail industry of communication and I truly like it. It gives a guy like me that truly still wants to send nice cards to freinds for a vast array of reasons to a physical mail box from the comfort of your PC. I really feel like this can help us reach out and enhance true friendships again in a hurried world with a personal touch through the click of a mouse.

I must admit when i am unplugged and go to the mail box 95% is bills or junk mail. It is truly refreshing to get a thoughtful card in the mail from a friend or family member.

I have a podcast I recorded with the a gentleman that signed me up over a year ago and I think you will enjoy it. go to and find eposide #8 called old mail new mail. I now send snail mail out at least once a week to someone. In the last year I have now mailed out over 500 pieces of mail from my PC as cards or postcards for business, family and friends and never had to purchase a card at the store, lick a stamp or go to the post office. Plus I can add my true signature on the card, upload my own pictures as well as include gift cards, checks for birthdays etc. It is an amazing technology and it boils down to about o.62 cents a card wholesale plus postage. I have even sent a card to a business colleague in Australia and she received it in less than 1 week. My funniest response was sending a card to President Bush and requesting his presence to a Prayer Breakfast. I was blown away when I got a letter in the mail for consideration. Unfortunately I got the second letter the other day informing me that the President could not attend after all. So having the white House respond should tell you that this is not some cheap card deal.

It is possibly the best tool I have ever seen for organizing and following up in the mail for family, friends and business clients for that mail box touch. Here is what you can do with an account that is web-based:

1. Choice among thousands of professionally designed cards and postcards that are as good or better than any store bought cards
2. Save on average $1-2.00 per card you have mailed over locally purchased cards.
3. Upload your entire electronic address book from Excel
4. Schedule the day to be mailed days, weeks or months in advance
5. Include checks, gift cards etc with any card as you might desire
6. Have a reminder calendar for up coming birthdays etc .to stay on top of good communication
7. Make people feel thought of again with a touch to the mail

It might not be hand written ( wich is still the best and always will be), but they still know you took the time and money to send a card in the mail and that still means more than a free e-mail sent to an inbox.
8. Create follow up campaigns for clients. Example: create 5 cards to follow-up on a new home owner after you sold them a home. A great way to show you care and have not forgotten about them. The list could go on, but you get the picture.

I was on sabbatical this past summer and went and had a dozen or so cards mailed from a public library I went to. I took my digital camera and logged onto the internet. I found the picture of our family and uploaded into a 4th of July greeting card. I wrote just a brief not and signed it Pastor Peter. Then I choose all the families in my ministry and then hit send. About 5 days later each family got a card in the mail with a picture of our family from South Georgia.

If you like what you read then I invite you to set up a free gift account compliments of my company and send a card to a special person in the mail. Try it once and you will want your own accout for sure.

Expect a great Day!

Author's Bio: 

Peter Migner is a ministry leader and entrepreneur. Peter is married with 5 children and lives in Central Virginia. Peter has been in ministry since 1989 serving in various roles from outh pastor to senior pastor as well as speaking at revivals, retreats, workshops and convention. Peter established The Migner Co. in 2007 as a business consulting company providing technology services to small business owners and large coperations.