Smooth and silky hair is the most important factor in beauty. Blow drying your hair is one of the tool in preserving delicate hair. It is also the best method to straighten out your curl, provided you do it right way. Carelessness in handling the heat on your hair may damage them permanently. Blow drying is an effective method in adding volume to your hair. Add brilliance and shine to your hair with right blow drying and styling. Here are few tips that can be used to blow dry your hair to ensure your hair is kept in good condition despite the toll everyday wear and tear can have.

Hairs are one of the greatest assets. It has now become a multi million dollar business and is still growing very rapidly. One who can't afford extra expenses can manage it through natural herbal ways as well as through some effective home remedies.

Home Remedies for Hair Care

1. Add one-gram black pepper in 100 gm of curd and apply in the scalp. Now wash the hair with warm water once a week. The hair becomes black and beautiful and stops falling.

2. Mix eclipta alba, black sesame, dry emblica myrobalan and sugar candy in equal quantities (all in powdered form). Take six grams in the morning on an empty stomach daily and drink 250 gm of milk over it. Take this treatment from one years, along with it take vegetarian food.

3. For graying of hairs, add black sesame and eclipta alba in equal quantity, chew one teaspoonful of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and drink fresh water over it. Take daily for six months. It is successful for all persons up to 40.

4. To prevent hair fall, mash beetroot leaves in heena paste and apply on the head also cures dandruff.

5. Warm 300 gm coconut oil with 3 gm of black pepper added in it. When it starts boiling stop heating, sieve with a fine cloth and keep in a bottle. Massage with fingertips in the night gently.

6. Take 1 large banana and 1 tbsp of honey. Mash the banana with fork and add the honey. Mix the two together. Wet hair with lukewarm water. Apply the banana honey mix all over the hair. Put the shower cap on and cover with towel. Leave on for an hour. Rinse out.

7. Egg white make wonders on hair.Apply it half an hour before headbath.It acts as a good conditioner.

Use a conditioner daily
Find a conditioner that's specifically tailored for your hair type. If your hair is fine, use a lightweight conditioner, like Dove's Volumizing Color Care Conditioner, that won't weigh it down. If your hair is thick and coarse, a thicker formula, like Aussie's Moist Conditioner, will keep your strands luxurious and healthy. No matter what your hair type, distribute the product only at the ends, to prevent it from weighing your hair down. If, however, your whole head of hair is extremely fried and damaged, use a deep conditioning treatment all over, like L'Oreal Professionnel Intense Repair Masque, once a week.

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