For 10 days in March, a small group of Toronto-area entrepreneurs is going to accomplish the seemingly impossible – create $100,000 out of nothing.

10 days starts Tuesday March 6, at 9 PM EST…

Individually, they are all entrepreneurs living in and around Toronto. Regular folks. They love what they do.

They were inspired by the idea of accomplishing more; accomplishing what many people would never try because they would think "it's too ambitious…too hard…I'm not capable." They want to demonstrate that those thoughts are just arbitrary limits, they mean nothing, and just serve to rob people of their dreams. That's the biggest tragedy of our times, people giving up on their dreams and settling for a life of mediocrity.

They want to get people to root for them, because they know that when they do that, they are really rooting for themselves, to dare to dream big again.

And they want to make it fun!

How will they do it? Through leveraging viral marketing, online technology, by tapping into the collective consciousness raised by such movies as "What the Bleep" and "The Secret," they have created a blueprint of the principles of success.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step road map is a guide to how anyone can pursue their own dreams, and make a difference in this world. Sometimes, the secrets to success can be a surprise!

Follow the creation, the progress, the breakdowns and breakthroughs and the final result here:

10 days starts Tuesday March 6, at 9 PM EST….

Author's Bio: 

Danish Ahmed is a blind, Pakistani albino. He's an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of "A Dictionary of Distinctions."

Danish's vision is to help transform the lives of millions of people around the world through a new media genre: the convergence of entertainment and inspiration. For example, Danish produced "What is Love?" -- -- a three minute movie on the Internet, now seen by half a million people across 112 countries. His greatest passion is working with KnightFlight Productions, bringing the hit musical, I DECIDE, all the way to Broadway!