Like many of you, I began my Internet business full of hope and optimism. I planned on making my first million within a year or two. At that point, I’d tell my boss what he could do with his job! We’d get that house on the beach and the black Jaguar we always wanted. Ahhh, life will be good!

Having no idea how an Internet business worked, I did some research. The information I learned, enticed me to buy three or four ‘How to Make Millions’ programs. In addition, to further my studies, I joined list after list to increase my knowledge. Soon, my email box was stuffed every day with more and more ‘Get Rich Quick’ offers. Because I’m a slow learner, I bought a couple of these programs and again, I lost money. I was beginning to think that Internet businesses were nothing but scams. Not only did I NOT make my million dollars, I was losing money left and right trying to get rich using worthless programs!

By this time, I’d been in business for a couple of months and already I was out a thousand dollars. And to make matters worse, I’d only made about $25 in profits. At about this time, I finally figured it out; it’s not really possible to get rich quick (unless you’re very lucky). There had to be a better way!

I did more research (and this time, I did not visit sales pages). I investigated how the most successful Internet entrepreneurs made money. I found out that almost all of the most successful gurus’s have their own products to sell. Most of them use digital products and they depend heavily on affiliate programs to make their money. They get hundreds, or even thousands of us to sell their products for them. And each time an affiliate makes a sale, they make money.

So I set out to copy their efforts and develop my own product. Not being a writer, I needed a way to get my ebook written by someone else. And I needed to get it done by spending as little money as possible. I developed 3 methods to get others to write my ebook for me. Two of those methods are absolutely free. I started my own affiliate program and within a day, people were joining my program. Within 4 days, some of the affiliates were beginning to generate sales. And I was making money! Not millions, but a few dollars here and a few dollars there. Soon, I was making money on a consistent basis. During my third month, I made almost 500 dollars. It wasn’t a million, but that is the real way to make money on the Internet.

I took meticulous notes on every aspect of my plan and documented the entire process. I wanted to make sure that others could duplicate my techniques. I put these notes into a file for future reference. Two months ago, I found my original notes and developed them into an ebook. If you want to make money on the Internet, forget the ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, they don’t work. The real money on the Internet is made by developing your own product and starting an affiliate program.

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