The world is on the brink of breaking through a cycle of learning from the past into a virtual reality. The veil that has existed between this dimension and the next is lifting to reveal this. The muted distortions the veil once posed is revealing a crystal blue reality where truth, peace, and Love will be reinterpreted into New World understanding. Before there were only a select few who were invited to see or hear what was beyond the veil, many more are opening their mind to this inner call. By being willing to listen the world is becoming rich with new spiritual integrity and understanding never known in the past.

Every 2000 years a major spiritual event occurs. 6000 years ago the spiritual history of the world began. 2000 years after that Moses received the Law from God and the people entered into the Promised Land. 2000 years after this even, the birth of Christ was recorded. This was a major spiritual event in that the purpose of His Birth was to introduce Spiritual Love into the world.

Jesus was also divinely connected to the Law as He told His followers that He came to fulfill the Law, not add to it. He said the Law could be summed up in two Commandments; Love God, and Love each other. Although the Law that Moses gave to the people took 40 years to learn, the spiritual value of the Law could not be interpreted until the Birth of the One Who came into the world to deliver the same Love that exists beyond the veil. The veil had to be pierced by One Who could deliver and leave the reality of the same Love, which was part of a higher dimension that wanted to share Love with the people of this world.

Jesus was the perfect Universal Channel to introduce Universal Love into this world at the perfect time. His Birth was not by accident, as the birth of the people who live on Earth at this time is not by accident. Buried within His DNA waiting to be released was Living Love. Love this world had never been witness to because of the original error, which began 6000 years ago. The miracles needed to release Living Love from His DNA required Him to reach beyond the veil and learn without physical understanding or physical interpretations. This required Him to listen, not to the religious and spiritual teachers of the day, but instead listen to the wisdom within, which revealed His Spiritual Plan.

When Jesus reached the age of consent He went into the desert. It was here He unveiled Living Love by learning to trust His Inner Guidance. He was granted a most favorable position Universally by accepting the responsibility of introducing unconditional Love into the world. The outcome of this was the potential for the people to employ a miracle consciousness. The Bible explains that He poured Himself out of this Love even unto His death. The outcome of course was His Resurrection.
Before He left the Earth and ascended into the Heavens He told His followers that He was going away to make a place for them. Although the exact location of this place was not revealed, most believe He was making a place in Heaven for them. The problem with this is Heaven is created, not made. To make is to design through doing. Doing is physical understanding, while all spiritual understanding comes from being. In other words, to Be is to Create, but to make is to do.

Jesus knew He was not the Creator of the Universe, but was indeed a Co-creator within it. This gave Him access to the Living Tools provided by Living Law, which govern the Universe. This allowed Him to direct the unlimited potential within Living Law through the conscious use of miracles. However, because the Law is Creation making anything beyond Creation is impossible. However, it is possible to share through making. What Jesus went to make was a Universal Space to make a New Heavens and a New Earth, “for the former things have passed away.”

The definition of creating does not require a body. For instance, what body was used to create the Universe? Obviously this is a ridiculous statement for no one body carries access to all of the elements needed to create a Universe, never mind having access to the Laws needed to make sure everything was mathematically perfect. Physical science is still learning this by studying what has already been made.

Being is the Law and the invisible Force that glues the entire Universe through perfect equation and the use of the invisible emotion noted as being Love, peace, joy, happiness, goodness, and etc. All invisible mathematics can be duplicated, but it is impossible to overwrite them. In other words they cannot be improved on. The same is true of the Higher Emotional Value of Love, peace, joy, happiness, and etc.

In this world, the making of physical law is constantly being improved and rewritten when something new is learned. This keeps this world “up to date.” The physical value of higher emotion is also constantly being redefined by the one who experiences it. For instance, love is up for constant change as one relationship ends and another one begins. Thus, the making of physical love is really not consistent with the Creative Value of Universal Love; for Universal Love is impervious to a body. Living Love is whole and complete without reservation.

The Bible makes reference to this when it says the sun shines on the wicked and the righteous. This is true, for the sun shines on everyone. It does not make distinctions because it is part of Creation. On the other hand, when something is made, there are distinctions.

When Jesus said He was going away to make a place for His disciples, He was telling them that He was making a space where it was still possible to make with the body, while accessing the same Living Laws that govern the Universe. This would offer the world miracles, which obey Living Law, and also new possibilities to live under the Created Heavens of the Universe. This is the New World evolved value this space will be made of. Not sugar and spice and all things nice, but access to the same Living Laws that the Universe has access to, but still preserving the form within the body.

The reason for making a space is obvious. Physical consciousness, by its own definition, uses the body to interpret the meaning of making a life. This is done by learning through trial and error, which is what the body is used for. In order to make a better idea, this requires making something new through a trial and error experience. The time for trial and error is over for it is now time to enter into this empty space that Jesus told His followers about. This is the empty space the veil is being removed from to reveal the truth of His Words.

Because every 2000 years a major spiritual event occurs, one must have just occurred recently. The one that is being referred to is September 11, 2001. On that day, for the first time in spiritual and physical history, these two interpretations met each other. This meeting would symbolically join the two to make a New World based on Spiritual value instead of the value learned in the past. The old value of guilt and fear would be removed from DNA. This will occur as the value in the old world will shift to receive the integrity and spiritual value of Living Law. Because guilt and fear are not recognized at the creative level, what this world has made based on guilt and fear must be removed. This will give the people of this world access to the same Living Laws and the miracles being provided for this task to occur.

Learning to live without guilt and fear will remove false value from what has been made in this world. It will allow the people to make a New World and be recognized by the Creative Factor, or Living Law. This shift is not easy to make because of 6000 years of past learning, which taught guilt and fear are real. Specific steps and guidelines are being revealed to help the people realize a world without guilt or fear.

You are invited to share in the next phase of evolution by taking a leap of faith by agreeing to learn how to live without fear and guilt. By taking this step you are inviting the veil to drop and see the New World beyond; a crystal blue world and the jewel of the Universe where peace, honor, and integrity are common place. Take a leap of faith and make an empty space in your mind where guilt and fear cannot exist. The next stop in evolution is the New World and you are invited.

Author's Bio: 

Cheril is a massage therapist, hypno therapist, has studien NLP, Bach Flowers, and is an Ordained Minister. She has also been a student and teacher of ACIM for over 20 years. About 10 years ago she began internally hearing a detailed description of a Universal Plan to evolve the world by removing guilt and fear from DNA. She also began receiving information on how to introduce miracles into individual consciousness through the exchange of old world value for New World value. Everything in this world is to receive a new interpretation through this exchange procedure. The Share A Miracle Project, which can be found at explains how to begin this process by exchanging the old world value of money for New World value. This will begin to remove the guilt and fear associated with money through an act of faith. This is a very simple value exchange, but not one that will be understood; however the effects of the faith placed into the project will be evident as more people offer up their old world value to be replaced by New World value.