I guess that you already know something about Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. You know that you can manifest the life of your dreams and that you can attract whatever you want into your life.

Of course theoretical knowledge is not what we want. We want the results. Unfortunately we attract not only good things, but also bad things. That’s why we must be careful about what we think. Positive thoughts bring good things into our lives and negative thoughts bring bad things into our lives.

Unfortunately positive thinking is not enough. Really important are good feelings. Positive thinking should lead to good feelings. When we feel good, then we will really attract the good things we want, like good health, wealth and happiness.

Now you might ask “how can I control my mind?”, “how can I maintain positive thoughts?” or “how can I feel good when my life is so stressful?” etc. All of your questions are good and there are many answers to them. The main point is that there can’t be a real success without mind control. All the successful and happy people are people who can control and discipline their minds and lives.

Of course you can now give me the examples of famous and wealthy people who lead anything but disciplined lives, but if you do I will ask you: “Are they also really happy people?” I don’t know any.

Let’s go back to the question “how to control the mind?” There are different methods, but the best and the easiest is meditation. Meditation is the key to Manifestation, to attracting success and happiness.

There are many different methods for meditation, but first you need to learn how to be still. First you need to discipline your body and mind to sit quietly for at least fifteen minutes, gradually extending the time to at least thirty minutes.

First you need to learn how to be still and quiet. Sit with your back straight. You can sit down on a chair or on the floor with crossed legs, whatever way is more comfortable for you. You can let your mind wander at first, but do not let it to break your stillness and silence.
After a few times of such meditation you will see very positive changes in the way you think and feel. Then you can move to the next stages of meditation and learn how to control your mind even better, but first you need to learn how to be still and quiet for at least thirty minutes.

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