When my daughter was about 3, I got this urge to make her a sundress. I think that first one was red polka dotted. I made it after she went to bed one night and left it on her chair.

The next morning she came prancing into the kitchen. “Thank you mommy, thank you.” She was absolutely the personification of excitement, exuberance and gratitude.

As I’ve watched this child, now teenager, attract abundance on every front into her life I now realize that there was something far more than just a sundress at work that day.

Her sheer delight and exuberance—completely heartfelt I might add—led to many more sundresses. I couldn’t crank them out fast enough. She didn’t yearn for them. She didn’t need them. She was surprised and delighted by them at each and every single turn. They just flowed into her life. Her enthusiasm attracted more and more of them.

This is exactly how the universe responds to us. This is the core of the law of attraction.

When we whine and moan and beg for something it doesn’t evoke an opening or out pouring of whatever it is that we’ve asked for. It’s not that the universe is being mean or judgemental, it’s just not how it works..

The law of attraction works on flow. It works on excitement and ease, just like we do.

You’ve no doubt had the experience at some point or another in your life of giving someone a present that they clearly didn’t like. Once, whatever, that happens. But if this same scenario plays out present after present then I daresay it’s not too long before you pull the plug on presents or just hand over a present half heartedly

But what about the opposite? What about when you give someone a present or a smile or a tip and they just beam, sheer happiness?

Doesn’t that just stir up generosity to the hilt in you?

Don’t you just want to give more and more?

Well that’s how the universe works.

So your job is to get yourself into a place of excitement about what you’ve got on your plate right now. Your job is to find a “sundress” to beam over because the more excited you get about your life right now, the more you appreciate exactly what you have right now, the more you beam, the more the universe is going to open its floodgates for you.

“Why isn’t it here yet?” “It’s never going to happen, I just know it.” “I’m just not good enough.” “Other people get it, just not me” are absolute statements for emotional, physical and material drought in your life.

“Oh what fun!” “Wow, I can’t believe how lucky I am.” “Geez, life is good.” “Things are just getting better and better and better, I can’t even believe how good this is.” These are statements, if you couple them with real emotion, of abundance.

Real emotion? Yes, real emotion is key. It does you no good to say “oh I feel so lucky” if your emotional vibration is “oh, my life sucks…”

You’ve got to line up. You’ve got to be real and you want that realness to be parked in anticipation, happiness, joy, peacefulness… You get the idea here.

So practice that little sundress beam my daughter, and so many of our children, especially the younger ones, do so well. The better you get at the sundress beam, the better your life’s gonna get!

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