If you wish to manifest abundance in you life you must have a positive way of thinking and a positive energy inside yourself. The natural energies will be drawn to you if your energy is a positive one, helping you to a gain happiness and a prosperity that you thought was impossible, by just being positive about what you do and how you feel.

All types of energy affect us in our everyday lives as does other people's energy. If you are always around someone who is unhappy or angry all of the time, you will begin to feel the same.

Manifesting energy can be positive or negative and this affects the way we live and depends highly on whom we live with and the relationships we keep.

For example, if you work in a friendly work place, you have no problem getting up happy in the morning and going to work, but how do you feel if the energy was the opposite?

Attracting a positive energy around you depends wholly on your own energy that you have inside. By feeling depressed or angry, or sometimes both, you will never feel that you are going to achieve anything in live and the more you feel like this, the longer it takes to regain the positive feeling you need to be able to achieve your goals.

Many people stop believing in being able to get to where they want to be in life and just give up. This happens because they do not let out the positive energy that is needed.

Learning to control your inner energy, the natural laws of attraction and to be able to manifest abundance around you and your life is not very hard and you will find that, with time, it will come as natural to you as breathing.

The rule is a simple one: if you think that positive things will happen and feel the positive outcome, the outcome will be that. It is hard to be around positive energy every day, but with time you will learn to control it.

By eliminating negative thoughts and feelings that may occur during the day, you will begin to feel a lot more positive about your life and what occurs in it. Every day make a goal for yourself and be positive about that goals outcome, by visualizing the outcome you want for your goal, it is a lot easier to achieve it in a positive aspect.

The most important factor to achieve abundance and positive laws of attraction around you are patience in your day to day life, gratitude for what you already have and what you will have in a future and a lot of positive thoughts.

There are a lot of books and videos to help you through your journey and help you see the better aspects in life. Understanding is the first step to a happier life for both you and your family members and people around you every day.

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