How many business people out there have gone home to their husbands or wives, screaming in frustration about, “These darned customers! They’re not doing things the way we like!”

You know how hard you’ve worked, as an entrepreneur, to deliver your service, to learn your skill, to learn your trade. It’s especially frustrating when you have really, really good products or services and you just don’t know how to get other people to give you money for them.

I’m glad that people are lousy at it, because it allows me to make a good living helping people with it. That’s how I got into marketing. I was in the same boat.

You guys know my story. I started out as a dead-broke carpet cleaner, living off credit cards. I thought, “Well, if I was just a better carpet cleaner, then people would beat a path to my door.” Of course, that’s all a myth.

Then, I learned marketing. Even haphazardly having good marketing, I built a very substantial business doing it. Just through the process of better automating what it is I do, made it all the better.

I want to mention an analogy that I like, and I’d like you guys to speak to it because I think it’s so critical that people don’t just hear you say, “Follow up,” and think, “Okay, we follow up.”

I think the biggest value that you guys bring to the table, and I know this from private conversations and from using your software, is that there are so many things that people don’t know, but they don’t know that they don’t know these things.

I can guarantee that if the three of us went to any one of our reader’s businesses right now, no matter what size they are, and we have them who are single-person businesses and we have people who run multi-hundred- million-dollar companies with thousands of employees, who read these interviews. I want to be able to speak to all of them.

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Joe Polish’s Tempe, Arizona office, headquarters for Piranha Marketing, is often referred to by marketing insiders as “action central” for much of the entrepreneurial world. Though he made his fortune in an almost invisible niche by telling carpet cleaners how to crush the competition and turn their small local businesses into money-churning machines, he is now among the most well-known, respected, “complete marketing geniuses” in the world.