Married and staying Married.

This is my opinion. Wedding are the beginning of some marriage problems. Let me explain, instead of spending $20,000 to 100,000 on the wedding. Consider this, not having a large wedding party. Everyone is not really as happy as you are. Especially wearing those ugly dresses, that they have to pay for. Spend more of your money on the reception, you get great gifts. Spend the rest of the money on a fantastic honeymoon. Then you are not starting off your marriage financially challenged. This is a great way to have a beautiful beginning.

Here goes for sickness and health and until death do us part. Your mate has been sitting on the couch every Sunday watching sports. But you know before you got married that sports was what interest them. You are not into sports. My suggestion would be to join your mate. Learn what you can. Instead of doing this you decide to go shopping with your friends. Everything works out great you are shopping the mate is watching sports. NO Your mate finds someone at work that loves sports, and she talks about them just as much as he does. And your mate enjoys this conversation, because its from a woman perspective. Hey while you were shopping, you found a male that loves clothes, and you can tell from the way he dresses. He starts a conversation with you and you enjoy the male perspective about clothes. DO WE SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING. My point is don’t be scared to learn about something that you don’t have a interest in. Same as with your husband he should always be willing to spend time with going to the mall or wherever. The more you separate, the more you will get used to it. Making compromises and sacrifices is one of the keys to happy marriages. One of the challenges my husband and I have faced was being around other happy couples. Too often the people we were around argued and was disrespectful to one another. Then it would be the fellows saying lets go and hang out. Or the female would tell me I need a ladies night out. I would come back from one of these nights, exhausted from all the complaining and negativity about their mates or men in general. This may come as a shocker to some people. However next to God, I rather be with my husband than anyone else. He is my best friend and we can talk for hours about a lot of happy things.

I not sure where this rule came from, but I know a whole lot of married couples do this. Separate checks, separate money, and separate bills. But you are married, I really thought all married couples shared their money, until I asked. Then I quickly found out that I was one of the few that we put our money together. So I questioned why. Here are some fo the reasons that I received:
I make more money. I don’t have to tell my mate every little thing I spend my money on. We can’t agree on what to spend the money on. I like to save and the he or she don’t. I enjoy the independence. As long as the bills are paid what difference does it make. Marriage should be built on trust, trusting each other to pay bills and to get leisure things together. I think this is a reason relationships don’t always work. Money is at the center of it. Once again this is separate time. If you to do bills together, budget together. This would be more time

Hang in there you can do it. The reason why you got married is because you love each other. Take out that extra time. You will be glad. Good luck to staying married.

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MARRIED FOR 21 YEARS, NATIVE of Camden Delaware. Loves the ocean, skating and bicycling.