Marry Good Fortune

God said:

Good fortune is yours. Good fortune is racing on its way to you. Good fortune has your name on it. This is the premise for you to go by. Don't you feel wonderful when you think of all the good fortune that is rushing to you? Why not then, beloveds, come from that place where you feel wonderful? Why would you ever want to come from any other place?

Perhaps you have somehow thought that sense of danger, defeat, despair protect you from disappointment. Better to be disappointed than fearful. Better anything than to be afraid of life. Sometimes, when you think about life in the world and its uncertainty, you are terrified. The idea that you are a vulnerable mortal makes you jumpy. You are vulnerable because you don't always know what life will hold. This is the case, that you do not know with certainty what will happen tomorrow. If you cannot know, what possible good does fearing what could happen do for you? Come what may, aren't you better off without fear?

When did fear become such a great motivating factor in your life?

You would wear a knight's armor if you could. In fact, you have put on armor of diverse kinds. You have been a turtle with a shell, and you have hidden in it. Or you have come out of hiding with a sword in hand, quick to shine your blade. Or you have come out with your hands up. Will you, most dear beloveds, cease to think of yourself as victor or victim? You are neither. You are a humble Human Being living on Earth with all the rights and privileges thereto.

Take a long view of life. There is more to it than meets the eye. True, your body is fragile. Have you forgotten that you are not your body? Have you forgotten that you are, in truth, immortal? Have you forgotten Our invincible relationship?

Your present life is simply a ride on the town. It is only part of your existence. Let it be the fun part. Enjoy your jaunt. Stop envisioning all the pitfalls there might be. Pitfalls can only exist surrounded by safety. There is more of safety than of pitfalls.

Life is not the solemn thing you have made of it. Make more of your life by not taking it so seriously. Life is a bird in hand, beloveds. Let it free now. Watch it soar. This is your life right now. It is for you to enjoy.

Your life is a page-turner of a novel. Relish each page. And there will always be a new chapter. You are reading a book about the world, and there are so many interesting stories within it. The pages that have already been read disappear from the page. The only page with words on it is the one page in front of you. Before today's page and after today's page are blank pages. The past is written in invisible ink. Tomorrow is not yet written, and it is to be a surprise.

Sometimes you feel that life is always the same, and you feel bored. At the same time, you have desired to keep your life the same. You have been hesitant to depart from it, is that not true?

Life is an alive thing. Do not make life conform to an idea you have had. Let life burst forth from any cage you may have put it in.

Decide from this day forth that to be alive on Earth is good fortune. Accept good fortune. Be married to it. Good fortune is not so much to be sought as it is to be seen. And then felt. Feel your good fortune, and love life.


Author's Bio: 

Gloria Wendroff grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that one day she would become a Godwriter™ and, through God’s words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, with a foreword by Bernie Siegel, M.D., is presently published in English, Greek, German, and Romanian.

Emailed Heavenletters™ go out very day to over 5,000 subscribers in the U.S. and 71 countries all over the world and now they are reaching you! In addition to receiving and sending out the daily Heavenletters, Gloria gives Godwriting™ workshops, works on her next book, and makes Heaven CD’s, writes a blog – all with an ear to the Still Small Voice and bringing Earth closer to Heaven.

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