Websites these days seem so concerned with their placement in search engines and the race to get on the first page that many businesses may have forgotten someone: the customer.

As pages become more compressed, less visually appealing, and higher bandwidth-able to accept some assumed virtual mass amount of traffic, you have to stop and wonder - where is the customer in that giant heap of expectation and digital search engine SEO limbo?

So began the debate of online ethics. Should you squeeze your customers through and kick them out the back as fast as possible when they're done or should you cater to them specifically and risk losing some potential traffic?

Mass traffic is great but if your customers are not feeling well taken care of then you are losing them right out the other end when they leave.

EZ Print Solutions is moving in on the niche' of customer friendly websites. It's a whole new market within a larger market as websites tried to be the super traffic kings they are losing some customers to more friendly websites that cater to the customer experience.

It may be a longer route to online success, and it may take alot more time and effort, but businesses targeting this new area of the Internet see it as an important online business model in the long run.

So the question still remains as far as which model will win the debate between mass traffic and customer friendly sites.. something to look forward to as the Internet goes through its pioneering changes.

Author's Bio: 

Frank Panetta is the web dev/ programmer and SEO for EZ Print Solutions - Village Printing Inc. Division