Stay within your limitations and stay centered to stay on course. Too often we allow our emotions to control and dictate the scope and outcome of our lives. Our emotions sometimes tend to get out in front of us when we need to control the pace and purpose of our lives in order to realize and release our full potential.

A good technique to learn in order to master your emotions is to be responsive, not reactive. To be reactive is to respond to a situation or comment without thinking through how you really feel about it. On the other hand, to be responsive implies taking the time to process and come to terms with how you view or experience the situation. When confronted with an emotionally charged situation, try counting to 10 before offering a response.

There is a big difference between living with emotions and being emotionally. Emotions are essential for personal development and to maintain intimate relationships. Passion, love, and excitement are all examples of healthy emotions. Feeling these emotions will help you to live to your full potential. For example, if you “live” passion each day to be the person you want to be, you will be far more successful in your journey.

Alternately, if you allow your emotions to control your happiness and sense of purpose, you will not be as productive. The reason for this is simple and quite clear. You must stay focused on what you what and how you are going about getting what you want as a matter of habit. You must control how you feel and then channel these feelings, these emotions, into productive progress. Remember to live life as a marathon race – not a sprint.

Being emotional is similar to being a victim – you are allowing your emotions to dictate what you do and how you are feeling. The bottom line, and the really good news, is you are in control of how you respond and master your emotions. You have the power, right now, to decide to be a person of choice.

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