Dealing With Your Appetite,

Three Simple Steps

Have you ever had a day where you haven't had problems with your appetite? Join the club! Millions of people trying to lose weight have had the same problem every day. And most of those are giving in to their problems with over eating.

Here is some good news. By implementing three simple steps, you can greatly improve your problems with appetite.
1) Exercise. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You have heard this one until your eyes cross, but listen to this.Research has shown that people who have an extreme workout every day have an increased appetite. Obviously that is not what you want.
Research has also shown that people who do not exercise have an increased appetite. That is worse because not only do you tend to eat more, but you don't use the calories.

The same studies have shown that people who are not sedentary (couch potatoes) have less of an appetite.
So, what this means is that if you do a reasonable amount of exercise, you will actually decrease the amount of hunger you feel. So, if you have trouble resisting your hunger, this is a great tool. Don't miss this one!

Here are some simple things to do to increase your exercise and not really notice it.

Park farther from the front door - Do this not only at the store, but at home. Those extra steps will start melting the fat!
Don't buy that riding mower! Studies have actually shown an increased incidence of heart attacks and other health problems just with that one change. Stick with the old push type lawn mower. You will be better off.

Take the time for a short brisk walk twice a day and faithfully do it. This might be a bit harder. I have trouble with doing this myself. But there are many benefits to it. Doing it early in the morning will get you going better than any caffeine drink. You will be thinking clearer and be ready for all the other tasks of the day. Then, doing it about an hour before bedtime will help you sleep. If you get a bit tired physically, you will be able to relax easier and drift off to sleep.

That wasn't too hard was it?

2) OK, this one might be meddling. But here goes.

Increase the amount of fiber in your foods. Before you toss a book at me, check this out. Fiber is a valuable part of your diet. You might ask why you even need something that goes right through you. Well, that is actually the key - it goes right through you.
If you don't digest and absorb something, you won't have to get rid of it some other way! So, here is what you are doing. You are satisfying your hunger with something that will not increase your calorie intake. Pretty cool really.

Now, consider these added benefits:

Increasing fiber in your diet will also help you with some other problems you might be having - regularity. Having constipation or diarrhea? This is a key to preventing or improving those problems.

Increasing fiber in your diet will move the food through your bowel at a faster rate - that will give you less time to absorb the calories that you actually do eat. Could you use something that decreases your calorie intake even though you eat them? Can't lose!

Here are some easy ways to pick up some increased fiber without sacrificing your enjoyment of food.

First of all one caveat - you might think that stringy meat has fiber - WRONG! The stringy fibers in meat are all digestible and part of your calorie intake. Meat will not help. In fact it actually decreases the rate of food passage.

Now for the foods with lots of fiber - fruit, vegetables, whole grains and legumes (that's beans for most of us). If you need fast food, there are many prepackaged small portions of many fruits. You can buy small cans of things like corn, peas, beets and other vegetables. And yes, beans - who cares if you are a bit musical?Actually, if you cook your own beans, just add a bit of meat tenderizer and you will decrease your tendency to, ahem, break wind.

3) Here is a big one. Increase your fluid intake. And not just any fluid. Water.
First the benefits:

By drinking a lot of water, you will keep your stomach full and you won't get hungry as easily.
Lots of water will help the fiber to do its job. It will keep your stool on the soft side and moving through your bowels at a good clip.
By drinking water - not juice or soda pop - you will cut down on up to 30% of your calorie intake. Did you know that about 30% of the average American diet comes from soda pop? Pretty weird eh?

Now the downside. Lots of us don't like water. In fact, we would rather drink lemon juice.
One thing you can do is flavor it just a bit. Use a squeeze of lemon or lime in it. Add just a bit of non-sugar kool aid type mix.
Better yet, invest in a water purifier or water filter. You won't be sorry. Try out several brands and pick the one that gives the best tasting water. Then drink up.

There you have it. Three easy ways to deal with your appetite. And I didn't even talk about your strong will. Give them a try. I think you will be surprised by the results.

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