The power of the mind is a truly remarkable thing.

How you feel in any given moment is linked to:

- What you are focussing on
- The way that you are moving and using your body
- The language you are using

Your mind controls all three!

If you are feeling lethargic or need an instant confidence/energy boost just remember that you can change the way that you feel by changing the above 3 points.

1. What you are focussing on

Be aware of what you are focussing on in that very moment.

Are they negative and lethargic thoughts?

Low in confidence?

You might fail?

I bet you are saying to yourself that you feel low in energy!

What would you have to focus on to feel vibrant and full of energy?

What would you have to focus on to FEEL confident?

If you could feel vibrant and energised right now, what you be thinking about?

2. The way that you are moving and using your body

This is also called your physiology.

Emotion is created by motion.

The fewer movements you make the less energy you will have!

And also the type of movements that you make will have an impact on whether you feel juiced up or whether you want to get back into that bed!

When you are feeling low in confidence notice how you are moving your body.

Are you sat down?

Is your head up or down?

Are your shoulders back or slouched?

Are you walking slow or quick?

Are you moving your facial muscles?
What are you doing with your hands?

Are you moving the way a person with confidence moves?

Write down below all the characteristics of a confident person. If you saw one right now how would they be moving their body?

Want to feel energised and confident?

Copy the movements that you have written above when you are feeling low and YOU WILL become confident!

3 The language that you are using

The words that you say to yourself in your mind and out aloud will have an impact on how you are feeling.

What words do you use to describe negative emotions?

Do you use:

“I’m feeling tired”
“I’m stupid”
“I’m angry”
“I’m livid”
“I’m overwhelmed”
“I’m feeling insecure”
“I’m depressed”

Write down some more of the common phrases that you use like those above:

The intensity of those negative sayings will have an effect on how you feel and whether you feel confident or not.

Just imagine that instead of saying –

“I’m really nervous”

You said to yourself –

“I’m really excited”

Do you think it would make you feel better?

Of course it would. The feelings and emotions linked to nervousness and excitement are actually the same.

So, what other words could you replace the negative sayings with:

Try swapping :

“I’m feeling tired” to “I’m feeling unresourceful”
“I’m stupid” to “I’m learning
“I’m angry” to “I’m a little annoyed”
“I’m livid” to “I’m a little miffed”
“I’m overwhelmed” to “I’m feeling busy”
“I’m feeling insecure” to “I’m questioning”
“I’m depressed” to “I’m feeling I’m not on top of things”

When you lower the intensity of the words and phrase you lower the intensity of the feeling.

Write down 5 old negative sayings or phrases that you say on a consistent basis and replace them with new empowering and less intensified ones:













How to feel magnificent and confident every single day!

We have talked about how changing the vocabulary you use have an impact on how you feel.

Lower the intensity, lower the feeling when you use negative words.

The opposite can be said when you want to feel great.

Increase the intensity, increase the feeling when you use positive/good words.

What do I mean by this?

Well, instead of saying –

“I feel good”


“I feel fantastic!”
Here are some more –


“I feel ok” to “I feel awesome”
“I feel motivated” to “I am driven”
“I feel confident” to “I feel unstoppable”
“I feel energised” to “I feel juiced”

Write down some of the “good” words that you have been using in the past and replace them with “magnificent” words that you will use in the future.

When you start to use this the impact will be AWESOME!













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