· Believe in yourself
· Always be yourself
· Express yourself
· Never resign to be less
· Never stop thinking about tomorrow, Never!


· Teach them to believe in themselves as an individuals, then as a team
· Have a religion which settle basements on them and will keep them together
· Teach them to be independent, so if you are not around they’ll be able to get up in their feet to go on with life
· Express to them what you feel and teach them to express themselves
· Teach them how to make money not to depend on it
· Teach them to invest, not to spend
· Teach them to be aware of opportunities, not wait for them


· Respect everybody else’s opinion, theirs are just as right as yours
· Be strong on your principals
· Be brave to fight for what you believe in
· Be kind
· No matter what just keep love in your soul

If you try to follow these items, which actually they are more than items, but if you try since you are young, honey will save a lot of time of your life. And you’ll be able to be free, happy and you will enjoy every second of your life even if there’s trouble in paradise.

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