Huh? The advantages of being DISorganized? How can there be any advantages to disorganization?

I've worked in the field of information management for over thirty-three years and I've heard every excuse imaginable for being disorganized. Some people actually believe it is better to be disorganized, and even to work amid chaos. Here are a few of their reasons:
1) I've made myself an indispensable part of this company. If they ever fired me, they'd never find anything. Nobody would want to sort through my chaos in order to complete my tasks.
2) I look busy. Nobody's likely going to give me more work because they believe I'm drowning in the work I've got.
3) The piles of paperwork on my desk tell people that I am important.
4) My manager won't cut my position because it is obvious I work very hard.
5) I know where everything is in those stacks. If I rearanged them I wouldn't know where anything is.

It doesn't take great insight to see through these arguments. They are all about image and illusion: the image that the person wants to project to his or her manager and worksmates, and the illusion that the person is working productively. In fact, what we are seeing are lack of order and the sure signs of low productivity.

If you hear yourself making excuses for your mess, take heed. Tell yourself the truth: There is NO GOOD REASON for being DISORGANIZED, no positive benefit to be derived from chaos, no advantage to sloppy work habits. There is EVERY REASON for being ORGANIZED. There are unlimited benefits to clearing the chaos and developing efficient work habits.

Think about this: The discipline and energy a person intentionally employs to MAINTAIN a state of chaos is a much harder and harsher discipline and energy than the discipline and energy required to live in a managed state.
By eliminating your chaos you will be far more organized and personally productive; you will have more effective follow-up and follow-through; you will make fewer mistakes and omissions; you will experience a remarkable increase in your imagination and creativity; and best of will have more time to spend enjoying your life!

Author's Bio: 

For the past 33 years, Len Merson. International Speaker, Trainer and Author , has been assisting individuals and businesses in Changing Chaos into Productivity. To date, over 74,000 people have particpated in his phenomenal training program. He recently published a book titled "The Instant Productivity Toolkit" which has been widely acclaimed.