Money isn't everything, but when you have it, isn't life a little easier?

And I think it is true to say that money, properly earned and combined with enlightened intentions, it can make the world a better place.

Money is an energy tool. 'Like a hammer, money can either be used to build or destroy,’ say Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen. If this is true then we have a couple of questions to answer: are we going to build something, and if so will it be something that builds or destroys?

I'd like to think what I'm doing is well intentioned and building something positive. I'd also like to think that if money wasn't in the equation that I'd still want to do what I do. Maybe you feel the same about what you do, or are working towards that.

It's been five years since I switched paths from 'normal life' and embarked on discovering a more wholesome approach to life. The upside is that life is incredible in many more ways than ever before, but the downside is that money tends to splutter - flowing one moment and cutting off the next.

I've noticed that I'm not alone. Many spiritually minded people, especially holistic practitioners seem to suffer the same fate. Having interviewed a few people about this, it is clear that some have decided that making money is unspiritual, but most recognise that making enough to cover the bills with ease would make life better. There is also a group of people who have identified that by making more they can contribute more.

Thinking about this reminds me of a question asked to a millionaire: what would you rather have: more money or more spirituality? The millionaire answered 'Well, both of course.'

I think it's interesting to note that a millionaire doesn't see why he should be separated from either money or spirituality. Why should we cut off from one when both are a possibility?

It’s true with some time spent, a good idea and a formula for success your financial life could explode. I’ve heard and read stories of people who have gone from being in debt and homeless, to clearing the debts and buying an apartment within a year.

How you ask?

I guess what stops many of us from creating the wealth we want to create is a bit of comfort zone fear. The first thing we must do is change our thoughts around money - how we spend it, why we spend it on things we don’t nor don’t use, how to save some of what we make, how to clear debts, and how to create multiple streams of income.

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