In my early, to mid-twenties I made money easily, recession or not. I never had any debts, except the mortgage and money just seemed to flow to me. But then it all stopped rather abruptly and for years I was left with one question…


In truth my life changed. It could be argued it completely fell apart. Perhaps the most challenging area of this - long term - was around money and career. In fact I've reflect on these challenges many times, i.e. why do they seem so difficult when all I want to do is do something I love or be spiritual.

Maybe you can relate to this.

More lately I've come to understand that my vibrational field changed. I began to attract and repel through this new spirituality (vibration) rather than my old. This meant that jobs and people and my experience of life began to change. At times I felt like my life was completely breaking down, but the truth is, I was actually breaking through.

I guess it's like a good spiritual healing. Your energy field is shattered and you can begin anew. And while you might feel like you're coming apart at the seems, you're actually reforming.

And what do we find on the other side of this reformation?

Most likely you'll find a person you like more. Someone more settled. Someone who appreciates much more than ever before. Perhaps someone who can tap into heartfelt love and laugh more easily.

Is it easy to do?

I didn't find it easy in the beginning. I'd also say I've been stuck in certain places for certain times. But the further along this spiritual route I've come, the more fun I seem to be having.

One of the areas we may fight with most is our careers or what we perceive to be our 'Life Purpose'. Here we seem to have a struggle with the physical need for money, verses spiritual way of being. It's a struggle that can go on for quite some time.

For years I read books on spirituality, but more recently I’ve been fortunate enough to find a wealth of teachers. As these teachers have passed on their knowledge to me, the financial gates seem to have reopened. It’s as if I had to get off the money path, in order to learn spirituality, so I could return to the money path, but with enlightenment.

My tip for you is to discover your life purpose - your true gift and talent and begin using it in ways that add value to the lives of others. I also suggest that a good teachers can help you, but you have to choose wisely.


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