In this article I'm going to lay things on the line concerning a couple of phrases you may have heard being banded around spirituality circles. I'm doing this because I think we all owe it to ourselves to develop a fuller relationship with certain areas of our lives. Through the experience of doing this, we can grow.

One of the favourite phrases I hear in New Age spirituality is: 'Give what you want to get.' If you want money, you give money and money comes back to you. Another quote I hear in spirituality is the old Gandhi quote, 'Be the change you want to see' or it's sister, 'Act as if.'

Spirituality and Money

For many people The idea of 'Giving money to get money' hasn't worked. And why should it? If you're only going to give in the hope or expectation of getting their is something wrong with the transaction - it's being done with a motive.

Since many people involved in spirituality have money issues, let's apply this 'Give what you want to get,' phrase to money. When people hear this idea their response is most often: 'But how can I give when I have nothing to give?' or 'I can hardly afford my bills!'

In this sense the 'Give what you want to get' ideal may as well be substituted for 'Let's hit and hope.' I suggest this because the phrase in itself usually only brings up desperation. For me, this type of quip, offered within spirituality concering money, is nothing more than a cop-out comment offered by people who don't have any practical knowledge of how to make money, respect it and nurture it's growth so we can effect change in the world.

Spirituality and The Practical

In the 'Act as if' suggestion we do have a little more practical opportunity. Speaking from experience (having been obese once upon a time) how do you be twenty stone and 'act as if' you were the person who is one hundred and four pounds lighter than you. He could run without his inner thighs catching fire. He could tie his shoe laces without his belly getting in the way and do the downward dog in yoga without being choked by the double chin.

So what do we do with these phrases?

I admit, I have wanted to gather up all the people who proffered such airy-fairy advice and lead them all to the tallest tower in far far away land (I did think I might put pink fluffy stuff on the prison bars). I've come out the other side of that thinking now and hope I can offer you something of substance.

Money and Spirituality

Let's go back to 'Give what you want to get' and money. For a moment just think of the possibility that you don't actually have to give money to get it - I know you suddenly feel relieved, don't you? Good. And what if it's not about giving money per se? What if all you have to do is give yourself to the experience and relationship you have with money?

I didn't like my financial situation and wanted to change it forever. During a twelve month period I immersed myself in understanding my experience and relationship with money. I read books. I met millionaires. I got in conversation with people who were wealthier than me and examined my own attitude and habits towards spending, budgeting, savings, longer-term investments.

Quite literally I gave myself to the experience and relationship of money. I learned a greater respect and appreciation for money. I came to understand money. I nurtured my relationship with money. I cared for money. I cared how I spent it. I cared about the people I spent it with. I grew to love it and accept it as part of my experience and came to really honour it for the choices it gave me.

If you are a spiritual person who would like to ditch the money woes or if you just want to become more financially savvy, please see the booklet I've put together. It's a series of short practical tips aimed at whetting your appetite on growing your financial prosperity and financial abundance. You'll also find several short reviews on money books in the 4U section of our web site. I strongly recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The Act of Spirituality

With 'Act as if' we may have to chunk it down (forgive the pun). If you are twenty stone and want to get to twelve, start by aiming for nineteen stone. Get to understand that the best way to eat a lot of food is to live a long time! Start to swim or walk once a day and build up your endurance over the course of time. Start your food education. Investigate what goes into your mouth and the effects it has on your body. Read. Research the internet and speak to people who enjoy the kind of health and vitality you have. Get to understand your relationship with food, exercise and health. Notice how food effects your spirituality. Pay attention to when you're really tired or just being lazy - yes there is a difference! You may also want to consider my Special Offer on coaching.

A Task for You Consider This Week:

Where in your life do you use or subscribe to superficial metaphors or thinking. How can you develop your experience and relationship with it.

In closing - may I express my deep appreciation for your interest in CommunitySoul. You inspire me to continue writing and finding new ways to teach people how to live consciously and work together for a better Community.

I hope that today's article will be of help to you or someone you know. I hope I have not offended your religion or spirituality and wish you a wonderful week!


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