When you think of living a balanced life, think about Robin Hood. Hood lived a spirited life, while endeavouring to harmonise the imbalance of wealth - pinching from the rich and shelling it out the poor - he communed with nature and attended to the work-life balance like a saint - partying with his mates and dating the fairest maiden in the land. Yet today, many of us seem to struggle in the most uncomfortable way of living, nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel and ear to the ground - the most uncomfortable way to live, if you ask me.

And we’re challenged by other things too…

Some of us struggle with confidence. Maybe we feel too fat, or too thin, maybe we believe our thighs are too wobbly or our nose too big. We might feel like we lack resources like money or edumication…

But don’t let these things get to you. I take heart from Walt Disney where ugly guys get the girl, like in Beauty and the Beast; where Hercules conquered all and the Seven Dwarfs sorted out the old witch and sang their hearts out while getting the job done and where people can turn up in a carriage that looks decidedly like a pumpkin and no-one bats an eyelid.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I have, at times, felt like life is an uphill struggle. I’ve felt disgruntled and let down with the way events, sometimes a year, turned out. I’ve snarled bitterly at romance, been obese, had financial troubles and been verbally and physically abused in a relationship. Maybe your experience is similar, maybe a little different, slightly better or worse, but I’m sure we can empathise with each other and maybe even share a little feeling of disillusionment with life in general.

But this word “disillusionment” is interesting. It makes me wonder how I came to be disillusioned. Because to come to a place of “disillusionment” must mean I that there had to be an original “illusion”. And, I guess, that this illusion might have been shaped by the values of society and the wonders of Disney: work hard for a living, marry for life – in other words grow up, be a hero and find a princess.

No easy task, eh?

But what are your illusions, my new friend? What did you hope to have found in life before you stumbled on my article? Who did you hope to be? Who did you hope to love? What were your dreams?

How will you change it?

Today, I’m incredibly blessed. I am surrounded by millionaires - outstanding advisors: people with simple, wise philosophies who want to share for the greater good. I have a wonderful relationship, enjoy the flow of financial abundance and live in a location that can only be described as divine.

What changed?

Me. My thoughts. I took responsibility for everything. I decided I would be everything I could be. I learned from my experiences, writing down everything I had learned, positive or negative: what I liked and didn’t like about my previous partners, finances and experience of life; what I would and wouldn’t tolerate from that day on; who I intended to be; how I intended to behave and what I wanted my life to be about.

I set out on a mission, not to doubt who I could be, but to know, I could have it all, if I chose it. You can do the same.

If you are feeling disillusioned with life right now, then look back three or four paragraphs and find some ways to change things around. Ask good questions and surround yourself with outstanding men and women, who are reaching out to you with a helping hand, if you want to take it…

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