Ever had one of those million-dollar ideas?

You know, the kind of lightbulb-over-the-head ideas that you just know without a shadow of a doubt will change not only your life but also the lives of everyone you share it with?

And yes, as its name suggests, will net you millions upon millions of dollars as your ‘just reward’ for being the clever-clogs who was bright enough to think of the idea in the first place.

I’m sure you have.

After all, we’ve all had these ideas haven’t we?

Maybe for you it was an idea for a book that would solve a pressing problem face by the masses.

Maybe it was a script for a play or a movie that would entertain and educate an entire generation of people on an area of life that you felt strongly about.

Maybe it was an idea for new invention or some new technological widget that would change the entire face of industry for the entire planet.

Maybe it was none of these things.

Maybe it was all three!

Regardless of the specifics though, I’m pretty certain that you, like everyone else I’ve ever spoken to, have experienced ‘million dollar idea syndrome’ at some point or another and said to yourself “Wow! This could change EVERYTHING!” right?

And then what?

I mean, what happened next?

Did you wake up one morning a year or so later in the home of your dreams with a bigger bank account and a book, film widget or invention accredited to you or did something else happen?

Did you find that shortly after thinking about your million dollar idea that you, like many others, relegated it to ‘dumb idea’ status?

Did you find that, rather than it being as simple or as straightforward as it seemed when you first thought of it, that it had now seemed far more complex and full of problematic barriers and obstacles that are, at least to you, bigger problems than you’re capable of solving?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions and, as a result, chose not to pursue your million-dollar idea then you’re definitely not alone. In fact, most great ideas end up in the trash, unactioned and unused by those who originally thought of them.

Then a funny thing happens (Though not funny when it happens to you).

Some time after you’ve discarded your ‘dumb idea’, maybe a month, maybe a year or maybe even 10 years later, you see your idea brought to life by someone else.

Not just ‘like’ your idea but exactly the same in every single detail.

And not only is that person using your idea, THEY are making millions from it!

Ever had this happen?

I certainly have!

In fact, I’ve lost track of the number of million-dollar-ideas that I’ve had ‘stolen’ over the years as a result of my inaction yet, as I watched each one brought to life by someone else, I learned a little bit more about how to make sure that my ideas and the wealth they create could remain mine rather than being credited to someone else.

I’m now at the point where not only do I have million-dollar-ideas on a regular basis but that each of those ideas actually puts money into my bank account rather than someone else’s.

Want to know how you can experience this for yourself?

Ready to learn the number one ‘secret’ for generating success in pretty much ANY are of your life faster than most people would ever believe?

It can be summed up in one single, solitary sentence.


The energy is NOT in the idea; it’s in the execution.

Read that again, it’s important.

The energy is NOT in the idea; it’s in the execution.

Not what you wanted to hear was it?

You wanted a ‘secret’ or ‘magic pill’ that would miraculously bring your ideas to life didn’t you?

Well, I just gave you the ONLY true secret (though it’s not a secret at all!) to making your ideas into millions.

The energy is NOT in the idea; it’s in the execution.

Thinking of writing that book or that play or that movie won’t get it written. Only the physical act of writing your thoughts onto a sheet of paper, even if only one page a day, will bring your idea to life.

Thinking of creating your new ‘super-widget’ won’t get it built. Only the physical act of writing down your ideas, drawing your sketches and having a prototype made will bring it to life.

Thinking of new and powerful ways to end disease, bring about world peace or making people happier won’t change a single thing for anyone. Only action can accomplish any of this.

So, again we have confirmation that the energy is NOT in the idea; it’s in the execution of that idea.

It’s about taking action.

So, next time you’re tempted to dump your ‘dumb idea’ in the trash, don’t.

Instead, commit to taking one single, solitary action step toward bringing it to life.

When you’ve done that, commit to one more and then another and then another still.

When, and only when, you do this does the ‘magic’ happen and you’ll finally see your million-dollar-idea come to life.

Will it ALWAYS work to generate your million dollars?

Of course not! I’d be a liar if I said it would and besides, you wouldn’t believe me.

But I do know this; commitment to executing your ideas is the ONLY way to even come close to becoming successful and is a far surer bet than any other way you can think of!

Author's Bio: 

Since learning the ‘secrets’ of idea execution, Dax Moy has gone from a £5 an hour gym instructor to the highest paid fitness professional in Europe with personal training studios, training academies and mentoring programs around the world.

In 2007 he authored the goal achievement program ‘The MAGIC Hundred’ from an idea he’d held in his head for several years and sold over $107,000 in just 7 days making it, as noted by Bob Proctor of ‘The Secret’, the fastest goal achievement program on the planet.

Pop across and visit www.themagichundred.com or www.personaltrainersuccessacademy.com to learn more about Dax’s Action-Oriented programs.