The Law of Attraction does NOT work THE WAY most gurus tell you.
The NEW Law of Attraction is nothing but the ANCIENT Law of Belief. These catchy new words like "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" .... There is nothing new or secret about the Law of Attraction.

Many gurus go all the way to the ridiculous claim that the Law of Attraction means that "Like attracts like". THAT is total nonsense. And as you read my previous articles and this one, you will immediately understand why

You want to Think like a Millionaire. Everybody wants to Think like a Millionaire. Unless you learn How to Think like a Millionaire you will never become one. In order to Think like a Millionaire and become one, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you understand the universal Law of Attraction.

As I state very clearly at our web site, the real name of the so-called Law of Attraction is the Law of BELIEF and it is very, very ANCIENT..

Law of Attraction = Law of Belief
'new' Law of Attraction = 'ANCIENT' Law of Belief.

In previous article, the Law of Attraction and how it works were discussed.

This 'allegedly' NEW miraculous Law of Attraction is NOTHING BUT another name for the OLD, ancient Law of Belief, which is the Law of Life. In simple words, this Law states that "whatever you deeply believe at the subconscious level, you shall materialize in your life". In simple words, "You get exactly what you deeply believe", "It is done unto you as you believe"...

We also discussed the reasons why the Law of attraction may not work in your life. Let's review them very quickly for the benefit of those who did not read the previous articles.

ONE: Students are not told HOW to RAISE their vibrations.

So many gurus out there are preaching about sending the right VIBRATIONS into the Universe in order to attract what you desire. Where are these vibrations coming from? What is causing those vibrations you are sending out?

Your THOUGHTS. Your thoughts are producing all those frequencies you are sending out into the Universe. They are electromagnetic waves in nature, vibrating at different frequencies, and they are working like MAGNETS attracting energy MOLDED by these vibrations (frequencies).

***More accurately, your Subconscious mind is the one sending out those vibrations based on the thoughts you are thinking, which are in the direction of your predominant beliefs (and values and rules). The Conscious You is NOT even aware that this process is going on all the time.

Your thoughts are in the direction of your predominant BELIEFS (and values and rules).

From now, on, when I mention BELIEFS you should also include Values and Rules.

If you BELIEVE you are poor and that it is very hard for you to make money, your predominant thoughts are going to be thoughts about you being poor, poverty, the "evils' of poverty, that it is so hard for you to make money, that money is always scarce in your life, and similar limiting, dis-empowering thoughts.


Those specific thoughts of 'poverty' are a DIRECT FUNCTION of your predominant BELIEFS of "lack, scarcity and being very hard" and are vibrating at very SPECIFIC frequencies. These frequencies are dependent on the 'poverty' BELIEFS deeply held in 'your' Subconscious mind.

If you were to PREDOMINANTLY THINK in terms of prosperity, abundance of money and success, you do so because your PREDOMINANT BELIEFS are those of success, abundance, plenty of money. The 'vibrations' are at a totally different frequencies than in the first case. before. These frequencies are dependent on the "prosperity' BELIEFS deeply held in the subconscious of this second person.

Poverty beliefs ---> certain type of thoughts ---> certain frequencies

Rich beliefs ---> different type of thought ---> different frequencies

Finally, HOW do you RAISE your vibrations?

. You do it by changing the BELIEFS (and values and rules) you program into your Subconscious computer, which in turn will make you THINK different types of THOUGHTS, which will produce DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES, therefore causing YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to send different frequencies (vibrations) out into the Universe and attract results (=materialized energy) that match your BELIEFS (and values and rules) and the thoughts caused by those beliefs (and values and rules),

TWO: Limiting beliefs that were not identified and eliminated.

The Law of Attraction will fail to 'materialize' your desired end-result if your Subconscious is clogged with beliefs
(and values and rules) which run opposite to what you want to materialize. It should be easy for you to understand now that those beliefs are putting out the WRONG frequencies,

Unless you identify and eliminate them, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing you the 'wrong' end-result because the OLD limiting beliefs are there making you THINK the SAME OLD thoughts, which are causing your Subconscious mind to send out the SAME OLD wrong/bad frequencies and attract to you the SAME OLD wrong end-results

Most gurus do NOT really understand HOW the Law of Belief (= Law of Attraction) REALLY works. Therefore, they CANNOT teach you HOW TO identify and eliminate those limiting, poverty beliefs, values and rules.

These same gurus do NOT even tell YOU that these beliefs, values and rules must be eliminated BEFORE undertaking any new goal, or the old beliefs sending out the SAME OLD vibrations will attract the SAME OLD undesirable results, NOT the new and desirable ones.

THREE: Conflicting Values and Rules.

NOBODY mentions anything about (a) how to identify conflicting values and rules, (b) how to eliminate them and (c) how to establish a new, useful hierarchy of values/rules (both moving-toward and moving-away-from) that are NOT in conflict with your new financial goals -- except our Courses and Anthony Robbins.

Lets' assume you have this deeply held values "Money is not that important to me", "Money is not everything"? Your subconscious mind takes those as meaning that there are things a lot more important than money for you. Therefore, the frequencies being sent out to the Universe give very LOW priority to making and having money, and MORE VALUE/priority to other MORE IMPORTANT things..

This hierarchy of values "I'd better be honest that rich". will kill any hope for financial abundance in your life.

Your Subconscious is also automatically set for FAILURE if "Money can't buy me happiness" is true for you. You want to be happy, right? Your subconscious is programmed with the information that happiness cannot be bought with money. Happiness is very HIGH in your hierarchy of Values, money is very LOW. It means money is USELESS to provide you with what you desire: happiness. Why in the world will your Subconscious send out frequencies to attract money to you?

Then, you must also consider the Rules that go with EACH value. These rules have a very powerful effect on your financial success or failure.

Do you know how to find out what your values (moving toward and moving-away-from) are?

Do you know in what precise sequence/order they are placed in your Hierarchy of values?

Do you know that BEFORE you tackle any new goal you must FIRST identify and eliminate any Values and Rules in conflict with the new goal?

Do you know how to 'reprogram' your Hierarchy of values and eliminate conflicting values/rules?

You have NO CLUE!

And with all those conflicting Values/Rules hidden deep in your Subconscious mind, you will NEVER make the Law of Attraction work for you to give you the desirable results you want -- and you will attract into your life ONLY the undesirable ones.

FOUR: Wrong, limiting Attitudes and Behaviors

Attitude and behaviors do not exist in the vacuum. Attitudes and behaviors are the direct RESULT of your BELIEFS, Values and Rules. .The problem is that your negative attitudes and behaviors keep reinforcing the limiting, negative beliefs, values and rules.

By changing your Beliefs, Values and Rules your attitudes and behaviors will AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE and your Subconscious will send out the RIGHT frequencies (vibrations) to attract to you what you desire -- assuming of course that those changes were made at the subconscious level and not only at a conscious, superficial level.

FIVE: Resisting what is.

You will completely fail using the Law of Attraction to attract the good things/people you desire if you keep resisting and resenting events that happened in your past or are happening now You will keep generating more NEGATIVE subconscious programming (some call it bad Karma). You will be keeping your frequencies (and generated power) LOCKED into past events or events over which you should not concern yourself. Very little energy/power is left to activate the Law of Attraction in the new direction you desire.

Accept what happened in your past. Accept the unfortunate incidents of your past. And then concentrate your entire energy in changing the current things that you can change by CHANGING your beliefs, values and rules -- which will cause you to automatically change your values, attitudes and vibrations (frequencies)..


This is something all the gurus out there do not want to talk about. They simply ignore it.

In previous lives, and in between re-incarnations, you make contracts, agreements, treaties with entities that will appear in your life during your earthly existence. They can be the source of pre-established limiting beliefs, values and rules so that the Law of Belief (Law of Attraction) is not violated. . Some say they cannot be altered. Others state they can be canceled, declared null and void. I share this last position. But you must be aware of the beliefs, values/rules that were put in place to enforce those previous contracts, agreements and treaties. You must identify them and get rid of them.

Vows of poverty, chastity, etc., that you YOURSELF may have made in between re-incarnations or previous lives can very well be the cause for current limitations. The beliefs, values and rules used to enforce those vows must be identified and eliminated and replaced with more useful ones.

SEVEN: Any other reason

Whatever it is, it will boil down to some underlying beliefs, values and rules.


Did you notice that all of the Reasons above come down to Beliefs, Values and rules?

=== >>> Vibrations = function (beliefs, values, rules)

In a nutshell, identifying and eliminating limiting, conflicting beliefs, values and rules AND PROGRAMMING new, EMPOWERING, USEFUL, SUPPORTIVE BELIEFS, VALUES AND RULES are the ONLY WAY to raise your vibrations and make the Law of Attraction work in your favor. Otherwise, it will work AGAINST you.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I will now ADD a few more examples that can totally NEUTRALIZE the Law of Attraction (= Law of Belief) and make it look like it is not working for you.

Most people are locked into some destructive 'states' and don't realize they are KILLING any probability of financial success.


Lots of people are in constant 'state' of anger and resentment.

They resent god, the universe, life, their bodies, their intelligence, their families, their ex-husbands, ex-wives, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, the financial success of others, their own financial failures and limitations. ADD to this list your own situation.

You may ask, "But anger and resentment are not beliefs, values or rules. How can they activate and interfere with the Law of Attraction"?

Fair question.

Answer: "Why do you experience anger and resentment?.

Anger and resentment do not exist in the vacuum. You do not wake up one morning and make the deliberate, conscious decision that from that moment on you will be angry at and resent god, the universe, life, your body, your intelligence, your family, your ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, the financial success of others, your own financial failures and limitations.

You experience 'states' of anger and resentment BECAUSE you BELIEVE there was an EVENT when something/someone did something NOT fair to you, said something NOT fair to you, engaged in actions that you BELIEVE to be totally unfair to you, someone/something did some INJUSTICE to you.

And you are angry and resentful BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU BELIEVE about that EVENT -- your beliefs, values/rules about the UNFAIRNESS and/or INJUSTICE of what happened during that past EVENT..

As long as you FOCUS ON those destructive beliefs, values/rules of UNFAIRNESS and INJUSTICE done to you,
which makes you automatically RELIVE in your mind those past episodes of UNFAIRNESS and/or /INJUSTICE,
you will continue feeling anger and resentment, your PREDOMINANT thoughts will be in the direction of anger and resentment, you will constantly think about and FOCUS on HOW UNFAIR and/or UNJUST something/someone was to you.

You will keep reinforcing those destructive beliefs, values/rules. And your Subconscious will be kept LOCKED into sending out frequencies (vibrations) that will attract into your life even MORE things, events, people, conditions, situations that will VALIDATE YOUR BELIEF that something/someone did something UNFAIR and/or UNJUST to you, said something NOT fair to you, engaged in actions that you BELIEVE to be totally unfair or unjust to you.

Those OLD beliefs, values/rules will kept being REINFORCED, which will make you FOCUS even MORE on your beliefs of UNFAIRNESS/INJUSTICE, which will make your Subconscious send out more of the SAME OLD frequencies (vibrations) that will attract to you EXACTLY more of what you EXACTLY need to KEEP YOURSELF IN THE 'STATES' OF being angry and resentful.

You just got yourself locked into a very powerful loop of anger, resentment and more of the same 'garbage'.

Now you try to use the Law of Attraction to attract to you something you desire, but it does NOT work. The Law does not work as you were taught.

No, you were taught WRONG! The Law is working PERFECTLY and giving you EXACTLY what you BELIEVE:
ADDITIONAL proof that indeed there is UNFAIRNESS and INJUSTICE against you!.

*** You must also consider the probability (quite high) that what you BELIEVED to be unfair and/or unjust was NOT really so, but that your previous beliefs, values.rules made you BELIEVE that way!


This is very similar to Example 1.

You become critical of, you judge, you condemn others or events because of the BELIEFS, VALUES/RULES you hold.

As an example, there are times when someone is a REAL 'crook". NO doubt about it.

There are other times when the other person is not really a "crook" but . . . you BELIEVE he/she is a "crook" because YOU have some belief or rule of what a "crook" is supposed to be. And if your belief or rule are inaccurate, then you will be judging, condemning and criticizing UNFAIRLY AND ERRONEOUSLY.

Again, as in Example 1, the act of judging, criticizing and condemning will make you FOCUS on everything that is WRONG and NEGATIVE, your PREDOMINANT thoughts will be in that direction, you will PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS on what is wrong, your Subconscious will continuously send frequencies (vibrations) to attract into your life MORE people, events and situations of what you EXACTLY need to make you BELIEVE even more that you are absolutely RIGHT in judging, condemning and criticizing -- which will keep you LOCKED in 'states' of condemnation, judgment and criticism.

As long as you keep locked in these 'states' of judgment, condemnation and criticism, there will be many situations in which the Law of Attraction will not work for you -- but against you!

The Law of Attraction is not failing. It is giving to you exactly according to your beliefs, values and rules.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

In both examples above, the Law of Attraction is working to PERFECTION and attracting to you ACCORDING to your PREDOMINANT vibrations.

Unknown to you, those PREDOMINANT vibrations do NOT correspond to the weak vibrations you send during your FEW minutes of visualizing/imagining your goal as already achieved, no matter how much emotions you incorporate.

The PREDOMINANT vibrations being sent out by your Subconscious mind correspond to those conflicting BELIEFS, VALUES/RULES that keep you locked in 'states' of anger, resentment, judgment, condemnation, criticism.

== = = = = = = = =

Your Subconscious mind is ALSO working in perfect HARMONY with the Law of Consistency -- which forces your Subconscious to be totally CONSISTENT with the beliefs, values and rules currently stored in its memory banks -- and REJECT any belief, value or goal INCONSISTENT with and OPPOSING those stored beliefs, values and rules.

Therefore, your Subconscious mind can only send out vibrations (frequencies) that are in HARMONY and CONSISTENT with the beliefs, values and rules currently stored in your Subconscious memory bank -- and which happen to be limiting and negative in the examples above.. And these BAD vibrations will activate the Law of Attraction (= Law of Belief) and make it l bring to you results in HARMONY with and CONSISTENT with those limiting beliefs, values and rules.

BEFORE you start taking action toward a NEW goal, (A) spend some time identifying/eliminating as many conflicting beliefs, values and rules as possible, and then (B) program into your Subconscious computer NEW more useful beliefs, values and rules that are supportive of your new goal. ANYTHING ELSE WILL FAIL!

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

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