With all the fear-mongering, angst, anxiety and chaos that’s been going on in the world economy and financial markets, it’s time for a new focus. Change is in the air and many can benefit by taking some different actions to create some different results.

I’m going to ask you to take a really honest look at your relationship with money. That’s right – the bills, the coins, the checks, the flow that comes in and the flow that goes out.

Let’s start with the understanding that money is simply energy. That’s why it’s called “currency”. And, while some people find it easy to manifest parking places, opportunities, or relationships, there may appear to be some obstacles in creating greater financial success and freedom.

It is as easy to create a million dollars as it is to create a parking space. The same principles, skills and tools apply. If you find yourself resisting that idea, some inner adjustments might be in order.

You may have heard about Jack Whittaker, the man who won $113 million after taxes in the lottery on Christmas 2002. He was in the papers last year – broke and in debt. His wife, in fact, said that she wished she had torn up the winning ticket.

As all too often happens with lottery winners, they simply do not have the consciousness to keep money in their lives. They do practically everything imaginable to push it, throw it, or shove it away as quickly as possible.

So, I’m going to get anthropomorphic here for a moment and ask you to consider money as you would a friend – someone you really desire to have a great lifelong, thriving, prospering, supportive, fun, joy-filled and intimate relationship with.

Before we continue, say to yourself, “Money is my friend”. You may find it’s a phrase that you repeat often in the days and weeks to come.

Sometimes we are kinder to and more considerate of strangers than those who are most important in our lives. In fact, it’s been reported that people tend to ignore and take for granted those they’re in an intimate relationship with.

How you treat money, how you respond to money, is a reflection of the energy that will either attract more of it to you or drive it away.

So, here are my questions:

Do you know where your money is? Think back to the commercial some years ago that reminded us it’s 11 o’clock at night, and asked, “Do you know where your children are?” It’s the same idea.

How are you treating the money that you have? Is it organized and orderly? Do you give it a special place to stay? Or do you find bills and coins stuffed and strewn all around where you have no idea how valued and honored it is in your life?

When money comes to your door, do you open your arms wide and celebrate it with joy as you would your best friend? Are you excited every single time money shows up in your life?

Are you grateful to see your friend?

Do you invite money into your life or are you sitting around constantly complaining that it’s been neglecting you and simply has not been there for you enough? Are you letting money know that it’s not good enough and you’re disappointed, or are you encouraging it to blossom, grow, be fruitful and multiply?

Are you sitting around with your money in joy and anticipation, having a great time talking about where you get to go together and how much fun you’re going to have? Or do you find yourself focusing entirely on what you HAVE to spend your money on with joyless feelings of obligation, remorse, regret or guilt.

When you are expecting money to come to your house, are you preparing to make it feel like an honored guest or are you willing to barely get up off the couch to greet it at the door?

Are you needy and clingy, desperate with the fear that money is going to abandon you and never come back? Or are you relaxed and comfortable, knowing that your friend is absolutely and always there for you, enjoying your company, celebrating life, no matter what is going on in the world around you?

When the money leaves your house, do you give it a big hug and kiss, bless it and know with confidence that you’ll be seeing it and more of its friends soon? Or do you become depressed and filled with the sensation that that’s the last time you’ll ever see it?

For the next week, become aware of how you treat money. Ask yourself if you would want to stay with or even visit someone who treated you the way that you have been treating money.

If you recognize that your relationship with money is ready for a change, begin to make it today. The first place to begin is with an attitude of Gratitude. Become grateful for each and every penny, nickel, dime, quarter, bill, or check that enters into your life.

Allow yourself to get into a great state of bliss and appreciation every time you write a check, acknowledging all the joys, comfort and satisfaction you’ve had the opportunity to experience.

Treat money with respect. Give it the best place to sit in the house. Pull out the best china. Be a friendly, warm, loving companion and begin to plan all the joys that you are about to experience together.

Begin to program your mind with new thought habits filled with powerful beliefs that will build your prosperity consciousness and bring the rich, limitless abundance of the Universe right to you. People LOVE to give me money. I’m now receiving great big happy financial surprises from expected and unexpected sources. I am a might money magnet. Great avalanches of money are here for me now. I am a rich child of a very loving and generous Universe.

You’ll be amazed at how this shift in attitude will open the doors to your great supply!

YOU deserve it!

Author's Bio: 

Transformation Expert Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht. is a scientist who has turned her attention from the Study of Nature to the Study Of Our Nature as human beings. She combines her experience as a behavioral scientist, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified Handwriting Analyst and successful businesswoman to teach the principles of personal and professional success. An inspiring speaker and author, Debbie’s revolutionary programs include Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind and Manifesting Made Easy. She balances her international speaking and training seminars with a private practice in Southern California. Visit sharethefreedomnow.com to get a free Gaining Freedom From Fear audio program.