Having conducted an intense study of goal setting Techniques and strategies over the last few years, andreceived feedback from the more than 5,000 users of Goals Magic, I have discovered that there are 47 keysto goal setting success. All 47 of these keys will berevealed in my soon to be released e-book ’47 Keys toUnleashing the Magic in Goal Setting!’

In this article I want to give you a brief outlineOf the 7 critical keys to goal setting success andin so doing empower you with goal setting skills anyone can use.

The 7 critical keys to goal setting success are:

1/ Goal Setting is a Skill & a Discipline – Whilst theydon’t teach goal setting at school, it is indeed a skillthat needs to be mastered. You need to find out as muchas you can about the techniques of goal setting to really master it. Equally important is the need to applydiscipline to the process. Work at goal setting daily, weekly and monthly and your life will be transformed.

2/ Goals must be committed in Writing – I know you haveheard this many times before, but let’s be honest fora moment. Are your goals in writing? Do you have a designand plan committed to paper? When goals are documentedin writing they become imbedded in your subconscious mind.The simple act of crafting your better future with penand paper unleashes an almighty force in your life.

3/ Clarity is critical – One of the keys for all successfulpeople is that they are very clear about what it is they want out of life. Get clear on what you want! Life willreward you with what ever you want once you are clear onwhat it is.

4/ Universe rewards those who are specific – Once you areclear on what you want you need to now become specific.When Hollywood funnyman Jim Carey was broke and livingIn his car, he wrote out a check to himself for $7 millionDollars. How is that for specific? Shortly thereafter he was awarded the lead role in the movie ‘Pet Detective’and was paid exactly $7 million dollars. Get specific aboutwhat you want.

5/ Overestimate / Underestimate Theory – Most people tendto overestimate what they might achieve in 1 year, anddramatically underestimate what they might achieve in 5years. The more realistic you are in your time frames thefaster you will achieve massive success.

6/ Your WHY is more important than HOW – In achieving yourgoals is far more important to have compelling reasons whyyou must achieve them than it is to know how you willachieve them. Spend most of your time focusing on developing compelling reasons why!

7/ You don’t need to know HOW – So many people put ofstarting on their goals because they do not know 100% of the HOW to achieve their goals from the outset. Thisis ridiculous! Just get started and do the 1% you know of to do now … the more momentum you develop and actionyou take the faster the way HOW to achieve your goalswill be revealed to you.

Use these 7 critical goal setting keys in your life to focus on the goals you most want to achieve in the next90 days and watch what happens. Your life could be totallytransformed in the next 90 days by proper application ofthese goal setting techniques.

Give it a go … you have nothing to lose and a world ofsuccess to gain!

Rod Moore is the creator of the Goals Magic System used bymore than 5,000 people globally to design their lives. To get your free copy of the Goals Magic System visit:

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Rod Moore is the creator of the Goals Magic System used bymore than 5,000 people globally to design their lives. He is the author of the e-book '47 Keys to Unleashing the Magic in Goals' To get your free copy of the Goals Magic System visit http://www.GoalsMagic.com