It won’t hurt!

In today’s world we all appear to be rushed. As we all begin asking the same question of life as we know it... “What did we do prior to all this modern technology?” Knowing very well the world still revolved, just as it does at present.

The difference is in the speed. Not the rotations of the earth, but us as a human race, in general. We are rushing from the time our feet hit the floor in the morning.

There are deadlines which we truly believe are ‘dead’ lines. Our lifestyles are indeed our dead - lines, as that is where we are all headed, unless we take charge.

Think back before the stress, or are you even capable of recollecting?

It’s time to take charge! And, you know what? It won’t hurt! You won’t be caused financial distress, anguish, mental pain, be bruised or battered. You may become happier, less stressed, have time for your family and your friends!

Do you recall when you were happy to be having company? Having friends over for dinner or a barbeque? Clients in for a drink? The in-laws all gathering at your house, OK, let’s not go that far.

You get the picture.

Let’s clean it up and clear it out. From our environment, our heads and our hearts. {literally}
Paper, paper, paper. Bills, junk mail, faxes, reports, charts, spreadsheets, kids school work, the in box, the out box. HELP!!! It’s overwhelming and it’s stressful. There is no doubt. OK, we can’t deal with the paperwork until we have systems in place which work for us individually. Obviously, whatever is in place now, is not working.

Now, on to the garage. You moved how long ago? How many boxes did you say have never been unpacked?
I know your kidding when you say you still have your high school clothes in your closet. Hey honey, a spring chicken you are NOT. Those pieces have been in and out of style more times than I can count. They are what size? {I won’t go there.}

We are riding this high speed roller coaster called life. It’s OK not to be Suzie homemaker and Ward Cleaver. Time is of the essence. We don’t get a second chance at any of this. The babies are growing, the parents are aging and we don’t have time for everything!
Get help everyone, get help.

There are cleaning services to clean your house. However, did you know, there is 40% less cleaning to be done if you’re organized?
It won’t hurt! Hire a Professional Organizer. We’re everywhere these days. We even do phone consultations.
What ever your ‘clutter’ might consist of, we’ve seen much worse.

It’s OK to be busy and behind on your work. Many of us have played the corporate game and worked 70 or 80 hours a week. While raising a family and struggling to keep a marriage together. We truly understand your needs and how these things can come about.
It’s not the end of the’s the beginning of a new way of life. And.....It won’t hurt!

Author's Bio: 

Kyna is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. She is the owner and operator of Apt Organizing @ in the Tampa area of Florida.