The treasures inside are infinitely greater than the scraps of the material world
Eckhart Tolle

Before I sat down to write this, I was on the sofa with my eyes shut. As I lay there, relaxing and enjoying what I can only describe as a magnificent moment, I thought of a way to make it better.

Laughing, I called to my partner and asked if she could help me. When she came in, I told her about my moment and my idea to make it better.

It was simple - all I wanted to do was share it with her and seal it with one a hug.


Maybe! But I'm mentioning this to you for a reason. Let me explain.

It is all too easy to take life for granted and miss a moment of joy we could be having right now. Because of that, we also miss the opportunity to make it even better.

We get busy. We focus on 'arriving' and forget about the journey. We work, wash the car, do the dishes, iron, clean, shop; always filling the moment, yet forgetting to 'be' in the moment.

It's about bringing our awareness into the conscious moment - the moment where life is - and putting all our attention on that, and what is unfolding.

Earlier in the year, I wrote about immersing ourselves in the experience of the things we most want, be that money, happy family, health, life purpose, successful business. What I'm talking about here is getting to know these subjects well and evolving that mental understanding into our current situation.

In the context of this email, when I'm talking about money, family, health etc., I'm not actually talking about the 'material' aspect of it. I'm talking about the inner experience your having.

By understanding money we get to understand our self better. The same is true of health, relationships and everything else in life.

I think it's fair to say we all want happiness. And although we all have the potential to be happy right now, many of us are not. Most of us are probably okay, but know we could take it up a notch; others, thought they'd maxed out, and, yet, still seem to find other ways to top their bliss.

Whatever your situation right now, try this little experiment.

On a scale of 1-10 where are you in happiness?

What could you do right now to move your level of happiness up one notch?

I love writing these messages to you. When I write them, I find music takes me up that notch. I get right inside it and then I shrink the world down to the experience of writing from the heart, while tapping the keys.

This weeks choice of song is about being unappreciated. When I listened to it, it made me think about all the things I might take for granted. It was interesting that most of these things related to other people and me and had little to do with material things.

Here are some other in the moment things I do:

Fall backwards on my bed. To take it up a notch, I bounce and sighing as though all my just came true! Do I appreciate this moment - you bet!

I Roll up in the duvet. To take it up a notch I allow my body time to experience the comfort and softness

Run water on my hands. Experience the temperature and the feel of the water. Then I splash it on my face.

Meditate. I love the bit where my mind chatter gives over to silence

Give some of these things a go, and think about your own list!

With Love and very good wishes