The past has no power over me. As I move forward, I AM energized with the excitement of new beginnings

When you are around someone who lives passionately in the present moment, do you feel uplifted? On the other hand, how do you feel when you are with someone who can’t seem to let go of the past?

If we are consumed with unpleasant thoughts and emotions from past events, what are we creating in our present? Are those thoughts moving us into new opportunities or slowing our progress? The past itself has no actual power over us because it is gone, but the memories and feelings can if we let them.

Learning and growing from our past is important but we can only make a difference in the present moment. If we hold on to painful memories and continue to live with suffering we are not living with joy. If we blame our life on events from the past, we are not being accountable for the present. If we give in and don’t take the initiative to change something for the better because “it’s always been that way” we are not taking control of our future.

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To improve your life, improve your thoughts. Leave behind the concerns of the past, allow yourself to release suffering and step into the present moment where you can move forward and be energized with the excitement of new beginnings.

The past is un-changeable. The NOW is create-able. Release your emotional charge on the un-changeable past so that you can be a dynamic creator right now.

YOU are worthy of your dreams!

Author's Bio: 

Paula is an inspirational writer and a co-author in the book, "Living In Clarity" from the Best-Selling series, "Wake Up...Live The Life You Love". She desires to help people in personal growth and to realize they are masterful creators. From her 35 years experience in business, Paula is working on her second book about community versus competition in the workplace.