I am fortunate to work with people from all walks of life on a regular basis and one of the most common requests I have is to help them set and achieve ‘real’ goals. One necessity in starting this process is to take time out of our day to assess our current position and determine where we are heading and why we want to get there. Most of us should know the basics of SMART goal setting: Make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Tangible. That’s fine but we also need a method of keeping our selves on track and on target to make sure we achieve results.

So here it is the simplest yet most effective goal setting system ever.

Take time out for Evaluation and Planning on a regular basis:

1) One minute a day
2) One hour a week
3) One day a month
4) One week a year

The average person is so busy coping with daily concerns that they don’t plan and work towards achieving their ideal future. Those of you that follow these four simple steps will be astonished at how effective this technique can be. These four lines can change your life forever. J.M

Author's Bio: 

John D.Murphy Australian author and speaker.The new Murphy's Law- Bringing you Success For Life.www.successforlife.com.au