Serious people actually DO something; other people just talk about doing something or plan to do something one day.

If you want to be wealthy, you must take action.

Action really is the key. You can have the best ideas in the world or be the most talented person on the planet, yet still if you do not take action you will remain poor. Anyone who actually does something will beat an inactive genius - every time!

You need to take action, but most people cannot master this one - it is far too hard for them.

We live in a physical world which has a tendency to decay. Food, clothing, shelter, - all require energy to make them exist. Without energy, all is dust and decay.

Thinking is not enough. To complete the equation, you must also act. You must DO something.

Here is the startling two-step secret of success:



Most people do neither – well, in a meaningful way...

Some act without thinking – not good enough!

Some think and never act – not good enough!

The winners, the rich, the successful all think first and then they put their ideas into a solid program of action.

This is what you MUST do if you wish to join them.

Please, do yourself and everyone else a favour and stop talking and thinking about 'one day' becoming wealthy.

The price is thought followed by action, so if you want to become wealthy, then start now today. You have probably written your goals, now ask yourself what actual steps you can do, right now, today, to move you closer towards your dream.

Would you like to know two ways of getting rich apart from luck or crime? Anyone can make a living, getting rich is far harder.

To become wealthy, you need to come up with an original, creative idea for a product or service which you believe is in demand and people will pay for it because it adds value.

Then you must put in the hours to research and test this idea. If it looks no good, you must create another idea until you find a winner.

Locate a hot, fresh idea which is working somewhere right now (maybe in another country) and then recreate the idea closer to home - without plagiarizing somebody else's work. In other words, you wait for someone else to find a winner, then jump in quickly.

When you have found a winner, then you must pursue your idea and dream with passion and exuberance. This is called 'paying the price’. The price is action and sometimes a little money. If you are broke, then you must choose an idea which doesn't take a lot of money. Don’t worry there are opportunities EVERYWHERE!

Yours in abundance!

John M. Murphy
The Richest Man

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John is better known as 'The Richest Man' in his circles. The Richest Man In Babylon website is one of his more public creations. John is a full time investor in real estate, shares and offshore funds. He writes and educates those that are seeking wealth for the right reasons. You will see much more of this man...