If you are looking for affirmations to increase your overall self esteem, you've come to the right place. Not only do these methods work, but you won't find them anywhere else because I’ve personally formulated them for myself over the past years.

Affirmations will truly set you free. Nourish your mind with these positive affirmations. Over time, you will overcome your obstacles and it will sustain a healthy state of mind for future success to come.

Your mind is a garden. The unconscious processes and thoughts that inhabit your thinking dictate your self-image, and hence your feelings and actions. The way to overcome old programming that is no longer helpful to us is to take conscious control of our brain.

In other words, by taking deliberate control over our thoughts we can start to plant better seeds in our gardens that over time when watered with daily care will eventually blossom into colorful flowers.

This is truly what happens when you think beautiful thoughts continuously over an extended period of time.

Negative programming cannot withstand the pressure of a fitter, healthier, better feeling self-image wanting to invade your mind if you keep at it long enough.

Just as surely as toxicity will infect. If you leave a 10 year child near toxic waste for an extended period of time, you might find that he has turned into a glowing green color after a while.

The same principle applies here with positive thoughts and affirmations. If you continuously expose, think and bombard your conscious thoughts with the type of positive thinking that I will show you.

There is NOTHING that can keep you from becoming that very person given enough time.

By using affirmations. And by that I mean, by exposing your thoughts constantly to new daring ways to look at yourself: little by little your view of yourself will begin to change.

You will start to feel much better about yourself, and be able to accomplish much more in the world.

In order for them to work you must repeat yourself these affirmations daily:

Here are 10 of some of my favorites:

1. I like myself!

2. I am a success in all that I do.

3. I respect my abilities and always work to my full potential

4. I live each day with passion and purpose

5. I have absolute certainty and confidence in my ability to generate any income I choose.

6. I have all the skills, intelligence, contacts and money I need right now to create an incredible masterpiece of a life.

7. I am a genius and I use my wisdom every moment

8. I feel happy and at peace with myself

9. I am a success in all that I do

10. Every day, in every way, I am growing more self-confident

Author's Bio: 

Ethan Hopkins is an affirmations expert and life coach who did battle with self esteem issues and WON! If you found these self esteem affirmations boosting tips helpful, make sure you check out his site: http://www.secretofdeliberatecreation.net