What is your success profile? The following questions are designed to assist you in getting you to know yourself a whole lot better. Only then will we'll talk about success — and how to make it happen!

The first five questions are from Dr. Robert Schuller’s many books about possibility thinking. The rest are modified from many other sources. These questions, answered truthfully, will activate the Law of Attraction and place it squarely in your corner.

You owe yourself a weekend to become acquainted with yourself — and your desires — far better than most of us presently are.

Allow the powerful forces of success to begin working more fully on your behalf by engaging in this exercise as an exciting first step toward knowing and then achieving the desires of your heart.


What goals would I be setting for myself if I knew I could not fail?

What dreams would you have on the drawing board if you had unlimited financial resources?

What plans would you have on the drawing board if you had 30 years to carry them out?

What projects would you be launching if you had the wisdom to solve any problem and the power to sweep all obstacles out of the way?

What exciting work would you be engaged in if you had the power to sell your ideas to powerful people?

Pretend you don’t know your secret ambition can’t be done. What can’t be done that you might just manage pull off if you believed it were possible?

What are 10 ways you might be able to accomplish a certain thing everyone else knows is impossible?

Cast your mind into the future and SEE your ANSWERS in action — live daily in imagination FROM those answers as though they were already accomplished facts. Since acceptance of the end wills the means, what answers did you see that were just the ticket you were looking for?

WHO can help you realize your dream?

If dreams were for sale, which ones would you buy?

What did you do as a child that created timelessness?

What activity would you actually pay to do — or volunteer to do for free — if there were no paid openings?

Write down ten instances where — and how — you received what something you had your heart set on.

Imagine you’re suddenly faced with the necessity of doing things on 10 times the scale you’re now operating. What would you do?

Ask yourself, “What opportunity lies hidden within my complaints?”

Just for one day and one day only, I’m going to go all out to get a certain thing I really want. List specific actions you will take before the day is over.

Upon arising, plan a perfect day. Picture it exactly as you want it to be IN DETAIL. At night, before falling asleep, review your day back to the time when you first awoke.

List 10 times in your life you believed — ahead of the evidence — that a situation would work out favorably on your behalf, and it did!

Imagine: your happiness is the most important thing to this very wealthy, influential person. What will you request?

Life has presented you with a blank check you are free to fill in according to your consciousness. Do so right now.

Where to start your money flow: When you were growing up, what did you get the most praise for doing? What talents and skills of yours were recognized? What have people suggested you do more of?

What losses can you turn into information that makes the apparent loss a win?

What in the outside world matches what the Voice inside you is screaming for you to attempt?

What do you want to do that doesn’t make sense to others, that only makes sense to your inner knowing self?

Begin your self-analysis by asking, “What do I want to do over and above anything else?”

Ask yourself, “What do I presently have in my home, apartment, mobile home, RV, with which I could start the flow of more money back to me?”

“To insure your financial success, in all transactions,” William Edwards writes in 10 Days to a Great New Life, “make it your chief concern that the person on the other side of the deal gets full value.”

Remember that we attract what we feel is true and this is a key reason we do not receive what we say we want. “They are fools whose hearts are set on riches but whose souls admit defeat,” Robert Collier writes in Riches Within Your Reach. Ask yourself, “What would the feeling be like for me if this actually happened?”

The metaphysical writer Neville Goddard saw this as “Taking the end and drenching it in feeling,” which is why he suggested that we “assemble images of happy outcomes.” Rehearse, in imagination, these outcomes many times until your desire FEELS powerfully true — you’re engaging in an exercise motivation speakers refer to as “Doing Within While Doing Without.” You cannot perform this exercise in the morning, curse your circumstances in the afternoon and expect it to work. You are initiating NEW CAUSES from which NEW EFFECTS will flow, and this takes time. The payoff, however, — the benefits — are incredible.

Is picturing success all that success requires from us as a prerequisite to allowing us to finally become successful? The creative use of our imagination toward success is a great leap forward but it’s not the whole story. The American psychologist William James pointed out that we must not become arrested at the level of the dream. “If with the desire there goes a sense that attainment is not possible,” he wrote, “we simply wish.”

Why, then, are success thoughts so important if we are ever to attain success? They are important, as R. Eugene Nichols points out in his book The Science of Mental Cybernetics, because success thoughts “will radiate outward until they find an object [or situation] that will confirm success.” The person who thinks wealth, he adds, “has raised his thought beam until it bounces off creative ideas for money-making.” The person who admits defeat inwardly is defeated already, no matter how much money they make or how high they stand on the success achievement ladder.

Back to Nichols who makes this extraordinary statement, “If a person could see the tangled web of thought impulses emanating from his [or her] mind, he would understand why he fails to receive the good he desires from life.” “Why,” we wonder, “do I try and try, work and work for success and even though it seems like I’m doing many of the right things, I’m getting nowhere?” This striving for success while having no idea what the success is we’re striving for looks like is close to what the radio comedian Fred Allen titled one of his books: Treadmill to Oblivion.

One reason we do not achieve our heart’s desires is that we’re always changing our minds, are never really clear about what we truly and specifically want. Our world could not function if everything changed with the rapidity of our thoughts, so learn to hold them steady — especially your success thoughts.

What’s usually going on inside our heads — and why success is so elusive — is described by the writer Theron Q. Dumont. Dumont claimed that most people are “simply allowing the stream of memory to flow through their field of consciousness, while the Ego stands idly on the banks and idly watches the passing waters of memory flow by. They call this ‘thinking,’ while in reality there is no process of thought under way.”

When Joseph Campbell told his audiences to “follow your bliss,” he was referring to their highest enthusiasms in life. Success is not all about money. Money is a vital component of an overall successful life in that it allows us to pay our bills, purchase travel and other experiences, enjoy a comfortable retirement, and pass on to worthy causes and those we love a measure of the tangible fruits from the labors of our life. “If you follow your bliss you will always have your bliss, money or not,” Campbell wrote.

So, ask yourself these success questions. One thing will happen if you give each question the time it deserves. You will begin to live — not only with, but FROM — the pulse-beat of expectation, of the more that is yet to be.

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