Most of us know that one of the most difficult things we have in front of us as network marketers is generating traffic. There are lots of ways to generate traffic, but the most important thing you have to remember is that you have to keep at it. In your daily life, figuring out how to get more traffic is probably going to be one of your key drivers for network marketing recruiting. Nonetheless,there is a way to get good at driving traffic so that you can focus less on that, and more on your business itself.

Do things one at a time

There are several different methods to generating MLM traffic, and none of them is more desirable than the other. You're probably going to find, too, that you like certain methods better than you do others, and that's okay. You do, however, probably have to have more than one type of traffic generation method to keep things going strong. So, focus on one method at a time until you've got it down and then move on to the next. Do this with at least two or three different methods until you're proficient in each and comfortable with them. That should give you enough of a traffic stream to keep things going well.

Keep track and keep testing

It's not enough to try different methods of traffic generation. You also have keep track of what you do and figure out what works for you and what doesn't. If you keep track and keep testing things, too, you're going to figure out better ways to use methods that may not have worked for you before, in that they'll just "click" for you and you suddenly get it. So even if a method doesn't seem to be working for you, go ahead and put it aside for a while, go onto something else, and then go back and try to get once you have a little time to digest it. You might be surprised to find out that something works for you even though you thought it wasn't going to.

When you've got several methods that work for you, keep them as your "base"

So let's say you've been working on traffic generation for a while, and you've got two or three methods that work really well for you. Great. You're going to use these as your base so that you always have something working for you. You need two or three methods as your base because if one of them changes or goes down for some reason, you want to have at least one or two more that are going to work for you. Once you get your foundation of two or three methods down, you can test others out as they come along, too. But the idea is that you're going to have two or three that are always working for you so that you are never completely without a traffic generation method.

Focus on quality, not quantity, after you've got it down

When you first get started with traffic generation, of course you're going to want to focus on quantity. The idea here is that just knowing how to get visitors to your site is a skill you're going to need that will later help you attract QUALITY visitors. Once you know how to attract visitors in general,though, you can start to focus on how to attract QUALITY visitors. It's the quality visitors that are going to keep you in business.

And once you know how to do that, you can further refine just what kind of traffic, as well as how much traffic, comes to your website. That's just something that's going to take some time and skill to develop, but you can do it.

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