Network Marketing can be very confusing at times. Networkers are always talking about using a system, but what most people don’t realize is that there are different kinds of systems that actually serve different purposes. A good network marketer has a system for doing all of them.

3 Network Marketing System Types

1) A Lead Generation System – A lead generation system provides your business with new potential customers or business partners. They may be automated or not. The choice is yours. A lead generation system could be filling out a names list, buying leads from a company that specializes in creating leads, or it could be any way you market your business yourself. The bottom line is this. If you want to grow your business, you need a systematic way of getting new prospects.

2) A Recruiting System – A recruiting system will help you process all of your leads. This is the process you walk potential customers or business partners through BEFORE they join your team. Your recruiting system should educate your prospects, sift through the ones that aren’t interested, pre-sell the ones who are, and identify the best candidates for you to work with. It could be online, but it doesn’t have to be. Your recruiting system saves you time by leveraging tools you have in your business. It does this by doing all that educating, and sifting for you.

3) A Business Building System – Your business building system is the process you use to work with the people AFTER they join your team. It could be a “10 steps to success”, or your “Simple 3 step program”. “How do I build my business”? It’s easy. You follow our ‘10 steps to success’ system. Whatever your steps are, it should help your team systematically know what to do.

Most network marketers talk vaguely about having a system, and usually what they are talking about is their business building system ‘3 steps to success’ or whichever name they put on it.


To be successful in network marketing, you MUST have systems to create new leads, educate your prospects, and help get them started. It’s absolutely critical to your business.

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